The Theon® Platform: Data and analytics that can lead to better healthcare outcomes. Easy-to-use solutions that can help health plans, hospitals, physicians, and employers meet their cost and quality goals.

The Theon application effectively and efficiently integrates and normalizes clinical information with data from claims, pharmacy, psychographic sources, and more leading to more accurate predictions. At Geneia, we know that everyone – health plans, providers and employers – needs access to the same data, but not everyone has the same interest in the same types of reporting, analytics and data manipulation. That’s why we created easy-to-use, dashboards customized to your role and your organization’s cost and quality goals.

The power of predictive analytics to guide your care and cost decisions

It’s a complex undertaking to understand the risk of one patient or a population – their disease and comorbidities through retrospective and predictive lenses, their future risk, needs and costs. The Theon platform’s transparent and customizable algorithms uncover opportunities that drive cost efficiencies and higher quality outcomes throughout every aspect of the healthcare delivery system, leading to success in population health management.

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