Theon is where data meets opportunity to affect healthcare outcomes—real solutions to help you improve cost, quality and patient satisfaction.

The critical mass of our Theon platform lies in its scalable structure: four care-based modules designed to accommodate both increasing data sets and business performance measurements across your unique type of healthcare enterprise. So as the industry changes, and you need to process more dynamic data and higher volume across business settings, Theon keeps you on pace. Out of the gate, Theon's module design is proportional to your quest for actionable data—you choose the amount of Theon you need to get you from volume to value to cost focus.

Theon adapts to increasing emphasis on Triple Aim measures

The Theon platform offers a dynamic approach for working within the framework of Triple Aim: population health, individual health and healthcare cost.

Theon’s capabilities drive down to segment data for best use across your organization and teams: clinical, provider, financial, administrative, HR, and IT. Theon’s SaaS-based computing solutions build powerful business functionality across your enterprise. The type of data you need to extract for measuring against Triple Aim determines which Theon modules you’ll need to get you up and running. In the end, you’ll have a holistic view of your organization’s population health, care quality, and cost. One platform to affect real healthcare solutions.

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