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Change Starts With Geneia

The post-reform healthcare industry needs the cost and care insights that new technology tools can provide. We are your analytics and healthcare change provider.
Geneia makes the transitions to care collaboration and risk-based management easier, by delivering all of the data and process change support you need.  Improve clinical and cost management while restoring the Joy of Medicine, with Geneia.

Founded as a healthcare management consulting firm by experienced healthcare professionals, we performed so well on one of our early projects that our client bought the company -- absorbing our organization into, and expanding the management team for, its new innovation growth subsidiary.  By combining talent, we are pleased to offer superior analytic, clinical, education, and process change solutions for healthcare.

Data alone will not create system change. Our well-rounded suite of services provides entry points for clients at every stage along the transformation journey:

  • Theon® Data Analytics: 360-degree information for better care collaboration, cost management, and decision-making. The Theon platform provides more data that describe or touch your consumers than any other solution on the market.
  • Remote monitoring of high-risk patients to follow the sickest and most costly patients more closely 
  • Process transformation consulting to help clients lead and execute the organizational changes needed to take optimal advantage of new insights 
  • Professional education through The Geneia Institute, offering multi-format courses in applied analytics, workforce redesign, care coordination and care management to staff at all levels.

Seasoned Industry Professionals, Strategic Healthcare Owner.

Few new ventures enjoy the flexibility and drive of a start-up within the security of a well-established market player. Geneia’s corporate structure combines the best of both worlds. By drawing on resources at Geneia’s parent, we offer the maturity of a bigger company’s deep bench of clinical and technical experts. Geneia clients benefit from the “luxury” of fully-formed product development, immediately scaled implementation and customer support, and global marketing partner support.

ROI and the Joy of Medicine.

Our clients see system returns from five types of cost savings:

  1. Lowered  technology costs 
  2. Improved consumer in-network provider and generic prescription choices 
  3. Systematic preventive service usage 
  4. Captured population management reimbursements 
  5. Streamlined workflows

All of our services are designed to take clients beyond ROI. Geneia healthcare solutions improve patient outcomes and enhance physician satisfaction, restoring the Joy of Medicine to practitioners.

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