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Our Vision

Our Vision: Personalized, Patient-Centered Care

We believe in the healing power of personalized, patient-centered care, where all patients have a meaningful and trusted relationship with a physician and care team; where healthcare systems are designed and function optimally in support of improved health; and where physicians and care teams are inspired and find joy in practice.

Our Mission: Alignment and Collaboration

We provide the technology, training, data and insights needed for health plans, hospitals, healthcare providers and employers to easily collaborate and align around shared values and goals that support personalized, patient-centered care and improved health.
 Lucy and her daughter

Meet Lucy*

She is 42, the mother of two teenagers and a part-time caregiver for her elderly father. Eighteen months ago, she had prediabetes and was one of the 90 percent who didn’t know it.

Lucy is one of the lucky ones.

She now knows she’s prediabetic, and supported by her physician and care team, health plan and employer, Lucy is engaging in her health.

The way Lucy’s physician, care team, health plan and employer work together to engage and support her in the kind of lifestyle changes needed to prevent progression to diabetes is our vision in action

Watch Lucy's story

*Lucy is fictional and not intended to represent any specific person. This information is provided for illustrative purposes only.