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From the CEO

Letter from the President

September 26, 2015
The forces at play - healthcare reform, payment reform, a focus on cost and quality outcomes - are for the right reasons.
President and CEO

Improving lives

That’s the goal of our work here at Geneia.  And we don’t just want to help people live healthier, we want to bring back the experience of joy in healing and healthcare.

Frankly, we are tired of what healthcare has become.  The harried pace, the hamster wheel, and the increasing attention to technology and numbers at the expense of the patient.  At Geneia, we are doctors, nurses, and experienced healthcare professionals—we’ve lived it.

The forces at play—healthcare reform, payment reform, a focus on cost and quality outcomes—are for the right reasons.  We just aren’t convinced that the implementation at the point of patient care—with more focus on the keyboard than the human—has been perfected, and this is undermining our collective mission—to heal.

In these changing times of healthcare delivery, we must look at the entire body of our work when talking about effecting positive change. There’s no one silver bullet.  And it’s not just our work that we need to pay attention to but the work of all participants in the healthcare delivery —physicians, nurses, clinicians, administrators, the data geeks, technologists, and the bean counters. The solutions we offer have to come down on the winning side of each and every one, and they must also carry over into the lives of patients and their families.

In the products we design and sell, we first look to who they will ultimately benefit, and that will always be the patient, an individual who is in need of improved process and improved care, but not at the expense of the physician or the care team.  So, with every class, every consult, every software program we design, there’s concentrated focus on better care delivery, start to finish. And with every step, we realize, too, that there must be a return on investment in the work we do. We may be altruistic, but our feet stand squarely on the ground, and we appreciate the investment, even if only in time, that our customers must make to move forward.

At Geneia, we see healthcare differently. As you get to know us through our blog, we hope you will too. Drop us a line and tell us what you think.


Heather Staples Lavoie, President, Geneia