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The Geneia Institute's Care TransformED App

November 3, 2015
Information that is easy to find, use, and apply in your real world.
Dawn Milstead

Skills-based education for healthcare – on the go

We get it. You want to improve your skill set and embrace the value-based changes that promise to bring improved health outcomes to your patients. But time is short, money is limited, and you are becoming overwhelmed as you focus on providing patient centered care for your entire patient population.

Perhaps in your free time you’ve been scouring the internet for guidance and quick tips on how to more effectively engage your patients. Perhaps you’ve seen the plethora of articles, videos, and blogs on topics like motivational interviewing, population health education, or data and technology. While YouTube is a perfectly viable resource for learning how to tie a Windsor knot or how to use Siri to flip a coin; when it comes to your patients and your credibility as a healthcare professional, you need a trustworthy source of reliable information. Information that is easy to find, use, and apply in your real world.

Enter The Geneia Institute’s Care TransformED app for iPhone and Android devices. This app provides your entire care team access to micro-learning courses on a wide range of topics including population health management, patient engagement skills, and healthcare reimbursement models. “Micro-learning” simply means small, discreet, focused sections of skill-based content, delivered in about 10 – 15 minutes. Breaking down larger concepts into small, digestible chunks is a proven technique for a variety of reasons – it provides just what you need, when you need it. It provides short content that is easily repeatable and brings both an immediate sense of accomplishment along with greater ease in immediately applying the learned skill in your real world.

Here’s an example:

Patient engagement is at the forefront of value-based care. We know that you are interested in providing the best care possible, and, therefore, in learning the skills to help you more actively engage your patients. So, how can you – and your care team -- learn better patient engagement skills when you don’t have the time or the budget to do so?  One recognized component of better patient engagement is motivational interviewing. We have taken the concept of motivational interviewing and divided it into four micro-learning sessions, each building upon the other.

Learning a new communication style is a daunting endeavor. However, when you take one specific, targeted skill at a time, you gain a focused framework in which to think about, learn, try, reflect, and review until you are confident and competent in that one technique before moving on to add another. As each skill is added, you will reap the benefits of a more actively engaged patient population and realize the achievement of a crucial component of value-based care.

We know that courses (and resources) alone aren’t always enough. Your unique situation or concern may require a more personalized solution. In cases like this, we encourage you to use our “Ask the Expert” feature within the Geneia app. Our team of seasoned professionals – including more than 150 nurses and physicians – have real-world experience in all aspects of healthcare transformation and will answer your question within 24 hours.

Our goal and our promise is to deliver value in ways that help you to transition your organization to new care models that bring better health outcomes to your patients and your organization.

Download the app today for iOS or Android and discover trusted, skills-based education for healthcare in the real world.