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Data Science

How Much Longer? Sitting at the Frontier of Sophistication

October 23, 2015
The reality is that we must seek out solutions today that will make a true difference in turning healthcare around.
President and CEO

How much longer are we – as healthcare professionals, providers, payers, users, and citizens, going to accept increased healthcare spending – trillions of dollars each year – coupled with not enough increased health for those dollars?

Since 1997, the United States has held the dubious distinction of being 37th in efficiency compared to all other World Health Organization member states. We are not getting healthier, and we are racing down the road to even more trouble as our population ages faster than ever before, and fewer people are entering the medical profession.

The reality is that we must seek out solutions today that will make a true difference in turning healthcare around. Technology, innovation, big data… you’ve heard this before. Big data is everywhere, but data without insight is just noise. Data that doesn’t lead to meaningful change is a waste of time and effort. Data that is cumbersome won’t inspire change. We need solutions that will work.

This means implementing technology and analytic systems that are quick to deploy, easy to use, portable, come with a helping hand, and don’t break the bank. This is exactly what we set out to accomplish, and what we did accomplish, with our Theon® Platform and companion services. Through our innovative “care data fabric” we bring together the disparate threads of data from quantitative and qualitative sources such as insurance claims, clinical reports, pharmacy records, laboratory tests, as well as psychographic and physiologic profiles.

Data alone is not enough. Sophisticated analysis with meaningful insight sits on top of this care data fabric and provides accurate, understandable, relevant, and predictive information at both the patient and population level. Different stakeholders, however, are focused on different aspects of the data and require different insights. Understanding this, we present customized lenses through which to view and manipulate the data. Whether you are a Chief Medical Information Officer, CMO, CFO, physician, employer, case manager, or ultimately, a patient – our insightful analytics provide the guidance you need to make better decisions, every single day.

Insightful analytics means that you will make better decisions that will lessen the number of intensive medical interventions and lower admissions and readmissions that are putting immense pressure on your delivery systems.

As we sit at the frontier of the Internet of Things, more contextual data becomes available every minute from medical devices (insulin pumps, pacemakers, etc.), personal wearables (Fitbit, iWatch, etc.), and whatever is next. We already incorporate this type of data through Geneia's remote patient monitoring service which provides remote monitoring and real-time help for high-risk patients. With wearable information being woven into the care data fabric, and the capacity to anticipate and rapidly adopt whatever is next, we are quickly approaching true longitudinal care. Care, through advanced technology and supported through physician and clinical experts, that brings a higher understanding by patients of their own health needs; and, ultimately, results in a better bottom line and a better quality of life.

How much longer? Not another day.