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Faces of Geneia: Meet Fred Rahmanian

August 11, 2016
Fred Rahmanian is the technological visionary for Geneia's products.

As Geneia’s Chief Technology Officer, Fred Rahmanian is the technological visionary who articulates and executes the architecture for the company’s products. He uses his 20 years of data science and engineering experience to lead the team that creates and enhances the Theon® platform. He oversees our advanced analytics platform and the technology that integrates consumer, clinical, provider and payer data into actionable information that healthcare stakeholders can readily use to improve the health of their patients and populations.

In other words, Fred and his team turn the Theon® platform architecture (figure A) into, for example, information that care administrators and providers in accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other risk-sharing arrangements can use to understand savings and cost-avoidance opportunities (figure B).

Figure A: Theon® Platform Architecture

Figure B: Home Page of Theon® Platform’s Care Optimizer® Module

Fred has long been interested in improving patient data.  He holds two related patents, and four additional ones are pending. The majority of his work pertains to effective use of patient data to improve the quality of healthcare. These include, but are not limited, to novel ways of identifying inconsistent and/or duplicate data in health records and ways of identifying gaps in patient care.

Fred’s insatiable curiosity and desire to make sense of the complex problems has led him to be a teacher and lifelong learner. He has a master’s degree in software engineering from the University of Maryland University College and a graduate certificate in health informatics and healthcare information technology from Columbia University. Despite busy day jobs at IBM Watson Health and now Geneia, he continues to be a guest lecturer in Columbia’s HIT certificate program, a program jointly developed by the Biomedical Informatics departments at Cornell and Columbia to train individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to support deployment of electronic health records (EHRs) and IT in healthcare settings.

He regularly attends the annual conference of the Association of Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group for Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), the world’s oldest and largest community for data mining, data science and analytics and the conference at which many of the new data science advancements are published. He often participates in planning the event as well. This year, he is serving on the program committee for the Workshop on Enterprise Intelligence which is running in conjunction with KDD.  You are invited to join the conference conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #kdd2016 or by visiting

Connect with Fred on LinkedIn and Twitter.