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The heart of technology at Geneia

January 28, 2016
We are focused on one thing: transforming healthcare - for the better, assisting health plans, hospitals, physician groups, and employers improve the health of the consumers.
President and CEO

At Geneia, we are focused on one thing: transforming healthcare – for the better.  We have worked exhaustively to develop a set of solutions that help health plans, hospitals, physician groups, and employers improve the health of the consumers they serve while simultaneously meeting their quality and cost goals.

Our solutions work, and, even more importantly, people actually enjoy using them:

“I see (the Theon® platform) as a very user friendly aggregation of medically-relevant data. Theon allows physicians interested in individual patients or population health to look at data in a quick and easy-to-navigate manner. Most importantly, it allows one to drill down into the information in an  intuitive fashion.” – Dr. Richard Parker, reviewed the Theon application when he was Chief Medical Officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization, one of the most forward-thinking and successful ACOs in the country.
“As a practicing family physician, I know firsthand that the demands on physicians are unending. With Geneia, we’re giving our physicians a tool that easily fits into their existing workflow and easily yields information and insights to help us meet the needs of patient populations while personalizing the time and care offered to higher need patients.” – Dr. Michael W. Warren, President of the PAL, a physician organization with 22 practice sites and more than 500,000 patients.
“For the first time, our employers have real-time data on hospital admissions, medications, and benefit usage all in one platform. Most importantly, the information is presented in such a way that existing staff, rather than analytics experts, are able to use the data to meet quality and cost goals.” – Tom Croyle, President, Lehigh Valley Business Coalition on Healthcare

We know that technology is a means to an end. But it holds tremendous potential to effectuate transformation – just think about how mobile technology has changed our lives and the ways we interact. Technology is how our people - physicians, nurses, technologists, analytics experts, and business professionals who have dedicated their careers to transforming healthcare – create meaningful, actionable connections between your people and the patients you serve.  

At Geneia, we know that the heart of healthcare transformation is people.  We help clinicians, healthcare leaders, chief medical officers, human resources professionals, and more. Some of the people who have achieved their goals with our technology and analytics solutions are:

Their stories are compelling, so please stay engaged. I’ll be producing a series of blogs to lay out those stories and explain how our technology with a heart helped Jody, Val and Dr. Allen. I’ll also introduce you to Tim, Sam, and Peg.