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Faces of Geneia: Meet Shelley Riser

November 03, 2016

At the heart of transforming healthcare is the desire and drive to make a difference at every level of care delivery. It comes from translating complex insights into straightforward actions that help clinicians on the frontline provide better care to each patient they serve. Understanding that one person at a time makes up a population helps define the role of Geneia’s population health and consumer engagement director, Shelley Riser.

Shelley’s inquisitive scientific nature, desire to solve problems and interest in making things better for people led her to the University of Pittsburgh’s school of nursing. She loved college and benefited from good mentors who “never let me have blinders or limitations.” Shelley’s eyes opened to the variety of paths available in healthcare. ShelleyRiserBlogTextInsertWanting to ensure that many would be available to her, she went on to earn her master’s degree in health services administration from the University of St. Francis. Together, these institutions provided a “fabulous launching pad for so many career opportunities.”

Twenty-five years later, Shelley can look back at a career of unlimited exploration. Her adventure began with practicing the “art and science of nursing,” then branched out to explore avenues of clinical and hospital administration. Along the way, Shelley gained an interest in sharing her experiences and thus began her journey into collegiate teaching and consulting work.

Shelley appreciates the perspective gained through her varied experiences and believes it is her good fortune to have helped people at multiples levels of healthcare. While some in her place would seek out a quiet position to round out their career, Shelley’s indomitable spirit drives her to “dive into the whitewater” of today’s healthcare environment and “see what’s around the bend.” Today, there are more avenues of exploration than ever. For Shelley, it is “exciting to have the opportunity to be a positive part of the rapid changes in healthcare.”

Shelley’s many paths bring an unusual and vital perspective to her role at Geneia. Her strength comes from a genuine understanding of the people we serve. Having served on the frontlines of healthcare, she knows the frantic pace of work, total dedication to the patient at hand, and lack of free time. This knowledge drives her steadfast insistence that our insights be concise and useful.

As our population health director, Shelley and her team take our analytically driven insights out to our clients’ value-based clinical partners.Faces_ShelleyRiser_TextInsert2

They work collaboratively with each partner to understand what is working well within their practice, hospital or delivery system and where there is room for improvement. Together, they use the insights to create plans to drive improved clinical and operational results.

One of the things Shelley finds unique about Geneia is the depth of our belief in innovation. Working within an innovation center is ideal for Shelley’s inquisitive nature and drive to learn, apply and share knowledge in the pursuit of helping others. At Geneia, Shelley can “put different things into practice to actually move the needle.” We don’t need a predictive algorithm to understand how important people like Shelley are to our organization. People like Shelley are the heart of Geneia and help shape us and our technology and services.

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