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Geneia: We Share a Common Vision with Connected Health’s Dr. Joseph Kvedar

October 13, 2016
Adrienne Rupp, Senior Director of Marketing, Geneia

Were it not for connected health pioneer and visionary Dr. Joseph Kvedar, it’s entirely possible Geneia would not have created such a successful remote patient monitoring program.

The publication of Dr. Kvedar’s book, The Internet of Healthy ThingsSM, marks the 20th anniversary of his tenure at the helm of Partners HealthCare Connected Health.  For two decades, Dr. Kvedar has envisioned and worked to create the future of connected health, one in which by 2020,

“…more than 20 billion everyday objects will be able to capture, receive and share data…and real-time biometric data will be automatically captured and used to learn more about the impact of lifestyle on chronic diseases and wellness, and ultimately change behavior to improve our health.”

Long before the principles of population health, value-based reimbursement and shared savings arrangements like accountable care organizations (ACOs) galvanized telehealth and connected TheInternetofhealthyThings health, Dr. Kvedar and his team were working to realize their vision. “We’ve come a long way. When I started 20 years ago, I often felt like a lone wolf howling in the wilderness.”

He persevered and his work helped to give rise to Geneia’s remote patient monitoring program. More than state-of-the-art technology, Geneia’s @HomeSM program integrates seamlessly with existing care management and population health programs, combined with personalized clinical support and predictive analytics.

As Dr. Kvedar knows, remote patient monitoring of heart failure patients works. Geneia’s year-long study compared the experience of Capital BlueCross health plan members diagnosed with heart failure to a control group of non-monitored members with statistically similar pre-program risk scores. Our study yielded positive results, including:

  • A net 45 percent reduction in acute hospital admissions,
  • A stabilization of patient risk scores indicating a slowing of disease progression,
  • A 37 percent increase in medication adherence, and
  • An annual savings of $8,375 per monitored patient.

The Geneia team and Dr. Kvedar share an understanding of the importance of robust analytics.

For our @HomeSM program, we use analytics to:

  • Identify the patients best-suited for remote monitoring,
  • Determine whether these patients are more likely to respond to an individualized text message, a call from a nurse or a physician office visit,
  • Detect increasing risk and disease progression earlier to avoid an emergency department visit or hospitalization.

In short, our use of analytics helps personalize care and improve outcomes for patients in our @HomeSM program.

Analytics also helps counter what Dr. Kvedar, during his remarks last week at the New Hampshire Business Review Healthcare Trends breakfast, called the ‘time to drawer’ problem with FitBits and other wearables. Instead of simply showing numbers such as steps taken or calories consumed, analytics delivers individualized insights and actionable data. In the words of Dr. Kvedar, “We are quickly moving beyond the simplistic and possibly inaccurate and offensive idea that an expensive cable package is indicative of obesity.”

As a visionary, Dr. Kvedar focuses on what is coming next: virtual health coaches like Sam who access real-time behavioral and biometric information and communicate in language that’s customized to the health goals and preferences of the individual consumer.

To help the audience better understand his vision, Dr. Kvedar showed examples of personalized and engaging texts he would receive from Sam, such as:

Test Bubble OneText Bubble Two

 At Geneia, we are enthusiastic about the future of connected health and are proud of our work to make Dr. Kvedar’s vision of Sam a reality. Our Theon® analytics and insights platform creates a comprehensive, 360-degree patient view that is precisely the foundation from which a virtual, personalized health coach like Sam can emerge.

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