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Faces of Geneia

Faces of Geneia: Meet Kristy Tupper

September 20, 2016
For Geneia's Kristy Tupper, her work is very personal.

“I wish the Theon® platform had been available to the physicians, care team and hospital who treated my mother. I believe it could have saved her life.”

Image of white female.Like many of her 40-something peers, Kristy Tupper’s first intensive experience with the  healthcare system was the aging of a parent.  As her mother approached her 70th birthday, her health declined.  She started having strokes and began a familiar cycle: emergency department – hospital – rehab – home – emergency department… She accumulated providers as quickly as she accumulated new medications, and she steadily grew weaker and weaker.

At the time of her mother’s illness, Kristy was traveling to San Francisco each week for work. The demands of her work, family and mother’s health challenged her as did her newness to the role of caregiver. Perhaps that is why it took her a while to realize that her mother’s providers did not communicate with each other.

Like Kristy, many family caregivers and patients assume physicians and care teams are talking to each other and coordinating patient care.

“I was flabbergasted to learn that when the dermatologist or nursing home physician adjusted her Coumadin, her primary care physician, cardiologist and other doctors were not notified. It seemed like she went from one doctor to the next with revised prescriptions every few days, and no one knew who changed what or why.”

Kristy eventually hired a good friend to help care for her mother and especially to make sense of her medications. In hindsight, it was too late. By that time, Kristy’s mother was very weak. She started avoiding food and medications.

GroupOnboardingKTupperBlogContentInsertHer mother’s last episode was a late-night fall in the nursing home on Mother’s Day, 2012. She hit her head, which caused a bleeding stroke. Within a week, she was dead.

Fast forward a couple years. Kristy joined Geneia more than two years ago, excited about the opportunity to help build a start-up as the company’s product release manager. She now leads the company’s project management office.

It was in her first week at Geneia that the job became personal.

As a part of her orientation, Kristy met with the product specialists for the Theon® platform. It was during one of those meetings that she learned how Geneia’s advanced analytics and insights  platform helps providers, caregivers and patients easily and seamlessly communicate and collaborate.

The Theon® platform integrates information from diverse sources – lab results, diagnoses, prescriptions, and more - to create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of each patient. It also facilitates information-sharing and encourages providers to work together across the care continuum.

“Realizing my mother’s death was preventable is painful, but it also fuels my passion each and every day for helping to grow Geneia and expand the reach of our products. I believe that the Theon® platform makes it much more likely that physicians and providers treating patients like my mother will communicate and collaborate, and ultimately coordinate their care, all of which improve patient health and outcomes. And when that happens, the caregivers closest to the patient won’t have to say I wish I had known… ”