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Successfully navigate the alphabet soup of quality measures

February 1, 2017
Feeling overwhelmed and overrun by quality measure reporting?
President and CEO

Feeling overwhelmed and overrun by quality measure reporting?

You are not alone, and it doesn’t have to be this way.At Geneia client sites, hospitals and physician-led systems are using technology and analytics to streamline quality and administrative tasks – and each provider is saving 90-minutes every day. This isn’t all of your administrative tasks or all of your reporting burden. But it leaves you with much, much less of the work you dislike so you can get back to doing the ‘real’ work of physicians.

Alphabet Soup by the numbers

In contrast, a recent estimate on the impact of quality reporting reveals the average American physician practice spends 785 hours per physician per year, and more than $15.4 billion each year, “dealing with the reporting of quality measures.”

Time to Simply

I’m sure you’re not surprised. After all, you know the requirements differ for each health plan and government agency, leaving you and your staff scrambling and frustrated as you file different reports for the same type of service, again and again, to protect your reimbursements and avoid penalties.

At the same time, the misalignment of quality measures compounds the problem. A Government Accountability Office (GAO) study found misaligned quality measures result in:

  • Increased administrative burden
  • Incomparable quality information due to differing health plan reporting requirements
  • Diminished ability for providers to identify and prioritize patient care

The impact of misalignment is widespread. By way of example, health plans each have their own, slightly different threshold for determining “under control” for patients with type 1 diabetes. In addition to reporting the same type of test results in multiple ways to satisfy varying requirements, you may meet, exceed or fail each health plan’s benchmark. As a result of conflicting feedback, you are handicapped in your ability to understand where improvement is needed and where to focus resources and efforts.

It doesn’t have to be this way: technology can help

Technology is not a magic wand that makes all the hassles of reporting disappear. However, it can make the job a lot less painful and a lot less expensive.

We’ve listened to providers and developed systems that augment, not disrupt the workflow. To reduce the burden and help simplify reporting, we’ve created customized contract-level analysis to automatically track and populate the right metrics and create the right reports for each contract. Our built-in library of quality measures removes the guesswork and supports the alphabet soup of government reporting. The Theon® platform’s extensive reporting capabilities enable you to report and analyze nearly every aspect of value-based care surrounding patient transitions and patient care, including action plan reporting.

In addition to protecting reimbursements, something magical does happen once this data is captured, normalized and analyzed. Our advanced algorithms provide business insights for physician leadership – insights that:

  • Pinpoint areas in greatest need of improvement on which to focus efforts and resources
  • Identify improvements that will bring the greatest returns
  • Understand the financial impact of existing and emerging reimbursement trends
  • Successfully navigate results to optimize contracts and maximize shared savings

Restoring the Joy of Medicine

At Geneia, we fully understand that technology is both the cause and potential cure for physician misery. That’s why our solutions are physician-focused and integrate with the existing workflow.
We call this restoring the Joy of Medicine.