Faces of Geneia: Mike Knowles

August 08, 2017

A True New Englander

While being born, raised and living in Connecticut gives one a leg up on the claim, being a true New Englander goes beyond demographics and family history. It means embodying a solid, steady, down-to-earth work ethic day in and day out. It means believing hard work, showing up and being present rules everything. 

Mike Knowles

As Geneia’s vice president of sales, Mike’s determination serves him as well today as it has throughout his career. Mike’s healthcare journey has taken him into doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals and health plans throughout the nation, creating a depth of appreciation and understanding of the varied perspectives of physicians, payers and everyone in between. 

“When a client sees me as an advisor instead of a sales person, when they thank me for my efforts, then I know I have successfully seen their business through their eyes and have done my job.” 

Everyone needs healthcare. It’s one of those industries where satisfaction comes, in part, from knowing your efforts will help someone. As a healthcare data and analytics company, we have the potential to help many people. Throughout the Geneia organization, this knowledge is a passion that pulls us together. We are not the total equation to fixing everything, but if we each get our jobs done right and well, we are going to help healthcare improve. 

Mike’s passion for motivating and working with others helps spark great discussions and work product here at Geneia. Working in an environment of like-minded individuals who are pulling in the same direction motivates Mike. It’s a symbiotic relationship where, ultimately, our clients are the winners.

It’s only been six months since Mike came aboard, but we couldn’t be happier. As for Mike, he’s been pleasantly surprised at the maturity of Geneia’s structure and processes – an attitude and environment that speaks to his New England nature.

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