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Using Population Health Experts to Improve Performance of Value-Based Contracts

August 23, 2017
Shelley Riser, Vice President, Consulting Services and Clinical Innovation

Putting analytics into action requires a new way of looking at healthcare – one that engages and eases the way for physicians, clinical staff and health plans to come together and work toward common goals.

Easing the way means having innovative technologies and people who can boil data-driven insights down, communicate them succinctly, and work collaboratively with physicians and their staff to implement.

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The million-dollar question is – how? How exactly is a health plan supposed to do that in a way that makes a difference and doesn’t waste time or money?

To answer this question, our client explored many options, including hiring additional in-house staff, contracting for seasonal clinical support and outsourcing population health management (PHM) services. After careful analysis, it realized none of these options would provide immediate and long-term value

For our client, the answer was Geneia population health experts. As a value-added service, Geneia provides population health experts to work collaboratively with physician leadership and clinical teams to review analytical insights, develop concrete plans, evaluate results and adjust plans going forward.

Here’s how it worked:

To kick things off, population health experts listened to health plan and physician leadership describe the goals and expectations of their value-based contracts. Next, they leveraged Geneia’s Theon® analytics, insights and care management platform to easily identify 25 key HEDIS® measures aligned with accreditation, Medicare Stars, QRS and federal benefits programs. Then, they began the first of many monthly meetings.

After just 11 months of collaborative effort, the results were in – the health plan realized significant improvement in 19 of the 25 identified measures.

Value-base contracts thrive or fail on the merits of quality reporting. Achieving improvement across the vast majority of tracked measures is highly encouraging for everyone. It is an indication that our client is on the right track with its value-based partners. It means physicians and care teams are adopting new ways of delivering care and members are receiving high-quality care and experiencing improved health outcomes.

Download the case study to learn more about how population health experts can improve performance of your value-based contracts.

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