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Faces of Geneia: Kevin Schwartz

October 05, 2017

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“Every one of us is touched by our healthcare system throughout our lives, and most of us have one, two and sometimes many intense periods of healthcare interaction. For me, that was when my mother had a massive stroke, recounted Kevin Schwartz, Geneia vice president of operations.

Kevin’s mother was hospitalized following the stroke and eventually improved enough to be discharged to a nursing home before passing some months later. About a year later, his father too became ill. Due to the length and complexity of his illness and the need to recount his health experiences again and again to the many providers on his care team, his father began keeping an Excel spreadsheet of all of the healthcare he received. Kevin and some of the members of his father’s care team affectionately referred to this as “his manual EHR.”

On one hand, he was, and continues to be, grateful for the care the many healthcare professionals provided to his mother and father. On the other hand, he emerged from this intense experience with one thought:

The healthcare industry can and should do better.

So Kevin set out to do just that. About a year after his mother’s stroke, he joined Geneia as vice president of operations. He choose Geneia in part because of the company’s role in aggregating and sharing patient data, eliminating the need for his father’s Excel spreadsheet.

Kevin is responsible for ‘making the Geneia trains run on time.’ However, that means much of Kevin’s work goes unnoticed unless something goes wrong. So we’re excited to share some of his good work with our readers.

Kevin and his team have broad external and internal responsibilities. Among the most critical are new client implementations and client support. Under his leadership, Geneia has organized and systematized implementations of the Theon® platform into a crawl/walk/run approach, and by doing so, has shortened the process to as few as 12 weeks.

Standardized and streamlined implementations are a distinct advantage for Geneia clients, who often spend months deliberating between vendor partners and, when finally making a decision, want it up-and-running as quickly as possible. By the time a deal has been inked, clients have a very detailed understanding of the time and resources required to achieve a successful go-live and can confidently share this information with their internal and external constituents.

On the support side, the managed services team is available to address questions, issues and problems that arise throughout their engagement with Geneia. The team manages the MyGeneiaSM client portal, which offers clients a user friendly, seamless and branded experience. Clients can submit and review incident requests through the portal, as well as research and view documentation for the Theon® platform in the knowledge base. One thing our clients have learned is that Kevin and his team prioritize their ongoing needs just as much as their implementation.

Kevin’s work to improve operations for employees is just as important. He and his team managed the design and renovation of Geneia’s new Harrisburg offices. The new space is designed to support Geneia’s teams who work from Harrisburg, Manchester, NH and home offices in places like Chicago and Atlanta and need to seamlessly collaborate with each other. In addition, it was also important to meet the lifestyle needs of Geneia employees with an onsite cafeteria, walking paths and a relaxed work environment.

Just last week, Kevin learned that a senior-level new hire cited the Harrisburg headquarters as one of his top three reasons for joining Geneia. In addition, the building and work environment undoubtedly helped improve employee satisfaction, which led to Geneia being named one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania in 2017.

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