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Physicians: How to Avoid MACRA Penalties This Year

September 13, 2017
Heather Lavoie, Chief Strategy Officer

There’s still a lot of confusion surrounding MACRA. And no wonder. Between the new administration, new exclusions and the recently updated proposed rule in June, it’s natural to want to filter it all out and focus on pretty much anything else.

But don’t.

Unlike the IRS, CMS will not give you an extension on your MACRA reporting deadline. It will, however, slap you with a stiff penalty for not filing.

Specifically, if you choose not to report, CMS will levy a -4 percent penalty against you and you will receive a score of zero in each category. Whether you report or not, all physician scores across each of the four categories (quality, cost, advancing care and improvement activities) will be publically released  and available to your existing and potential patients and partners. 

Thankfully, avoiding the penalty this year is easier than you think. Even better, you have just enough time left to earn an upward adjustment.

Because MACRA absorbs and combines familiar reporting programs (PQRS, MU3 and VBM) there’s a good chance you already have the mechanisms in place to satisfy requirements.

Download our eBook for step-by-step instructions on how to avoid MACRA penalties this year and how to leverage the work you are already doing to earn an upward adjustment.

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