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Data Science

Meet Geneia's New Data Scientists

July 5, 2018
Two new principal data scientists have joined the Geneia team.
Elysia Woody

"Our dreams and our health are intimately tied together.” – Andrew Fairless

We are pleased to introduce our two newest principal data scientists, Andrew Fairless and Jasmine McCammon. They have taken many steps along their journey to Geneia, and we are happy to have them join our data science, product and technology team!

They want to make a difference.

Image of Geneia Data Scientist Andrew Fairless.

Andrew knew that understanding the human brain is one of the biggest and most important challenges that scientists face. However, he thought that if he could get closer to understanding the human brain, it may make curing some of the most complex and unmanageable diseases more attainable. That’s why he chose the medical research field.

Andrew received his Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania where he researched social behaviors in mice to provide a better understanding for autism. He then became a medical science liaison in the pharmaceutical industry, which involved presenting research to healthcare professionals and helping them make treatment decisions. He moved on to join the Insight Health Data Science program, a program that prepares researchers for the transition to a data science career, which led him to a career at Geneia and also introduced him to his colleague, Jasmine.

Image of Geneia Data Scientist Jasmine McCammon

From a young age, Jasmine knew she wanted a career in the healthcare field. However, when the sight of blood from a pricked finger in fourth grade caused her to faint, she realized the direct care route was no longer a good option for her.

So, she decided to embark on the scientific research path..

Jasmine attended the University of California at Berkeley where she received a Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology. She then went on to develop new genome editing techniques as well as to study genes associated with autism at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, MA.

When her mother experienced three bone breaks from falls at a relatively young age, Jasmine decided that she wanted to make a bigger impact. The breaks were due to a medication making her bones more brittle, indicating a lack of communication and coordinated care. To make the impact she was seeking, Jasmine determined she would need to leave her ‘little row of test tubes’. That’s when she joined the Insight Health Data Science program, which lead her to Geneia.

At the Insight Health Data Science program, Jasmine completed research leading to the identification of people with Parkinson’s disease using a logistic regression model, demonstrated a prototype for future patient engagement via behavioral biometrics using an interactive dashboard app with Heroku and engineered 66 novel features using five original features, resulting in an increase in model prediction accuracy. As for Andrew, he worked on a project to predict which hospitals would have high or increasing rates of patients acquiring infections while admitted.

They both love what they do.

Andrew and Jasmine realize how important data is to solving problems in healthcare. They are both fascinated by how much of an impact certain experiments or models that data scientists create can have on a large population.

Jasmine loves the fact that the data is already produced for her, making it so she doesn’t have to spend time collecting the data. Her time is reserved for analyzing the data, which is what she does best.

Andrew loves how he can constantly learn about new science, technology and modeling tools, and then figure out how to apply these tools to solve some of the most complex healthcare problems. Andrew realizes how important cost-effective care and the promotion of healthy living are for peoples’ well-being. In his words, “Our dreams and our health our intimately tied together.”

They work well together.

Currently, Andrew and Jasmine are designing studies to help healthcare professionals with limited resources prevent high-risk patients from getting sick as well as to provide higher quality services to the right patients. When the studies are completed, the results will be integrated into Geneia’s products and services to help our clients improve patient health.

They are excited to be at Geneia.

Andrew and Jasmine realize how important data science is to achieve Geneia’s goals. Andrew knows how influential his role is in the mission to improve healthcare and he wants to make an impact. Jasmine enjoys the diversity of backgrounds of everyone at Geneia and greatly appreciates the company’s “holistic vision when it comes to improving healthcare and recognizing the opportunity for data science."

And we are excited to have them! Andrew and Jasmine will definitely help Geneia bring new ideas to healthcare.