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Improve risk, quality and reimbursement with better HCC practices

May 30, 2018
Improve risk adjustment and revenue through automated coding support and machine-learning algorithms.

Are you ready to improve risk-adjusted reimbursement? As profit margins decline, healthcare leaders must explore every avenue of improvement. Increasingly, private and public plans rely on HCCs (Hierarchical Condition Categories) to determine payments, drive quality ratings and keep a pulse on population health management.  

The accurate capture of data to support HCCs is challenging. In fact, the Office of the Inspector General reports 55 percent of regular medical services are improperly coded. This error rate results in massive under and over reporting, which causes all sorts of problems for payers.

Savvy health plans turn to automated coding support and machine-learning algorithms to continuously improve accuracy. Check out the infographic below to see how and download our white paper for an in-depth dive.

Improve risk adjustment and boost revenue infographic