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Geneia: A first-timer’s perspective on Dreamforce

October 25, 2018
A Salesforce partner's perspective on her first trip to Dreamforce.
Molly Gallaher Boddy

At Dreamforce, Salesforce showcases how they take customer engagement practices, and then with the help of partners like Geneia, apply those practices across all vertical product lines.

Just a few weeks ago, the Geneia team headed from its east coast offices in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania to San Francisco for Salesforce’s annual customer conference, Dreamforce. As a Salesforce partner, we at Geneia had the amazing experience of seeing Salesforce experts present on a variety of topics. We also heard from customers about how they use Salesforce products such as Health Cloud, on which our Theon® analytics and insights platform is available.

With Dreamforce attendance estimated at close to 200,000 this year—and more than 2,700 sessions held over the four-day event—the team brought back numerous insights. Here on the blog, I’ll share a few key takeaways, some related to important market shifts. With the power that Salesforce has across industries, news coming out of Dreamforce is often a strong indication of what comes next in consumer-centric technology.

The first and most important theme I took away from Dreamforce: the time to apply customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities to healthcare is now.

My role as an analyst means I have to work to see the big picture at events like Dreamforce; in balancing my time between healthcare-specific presentations and presentations about Salesforce assets like Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud, I found Salesforce continually takes customer engagement best practices, and then with the help of partners like Geneia, applies those practices across all vertical product lines.

CRM is at the core of everything Salesforce does.

Applying a CRM approach to healthcare means patients or members have continuous outreach from their care team, their sentiment analyzed and understood, and are treated not as a single “case” to be solved, but as customers who move across health systems, doctors and geographical locations.

Healthcare has typically lagged behind other industries in its adoption of personalized, digital, consumer-facing and cloud-based tools, but healthcare IT leaders are no longer willing to wait; the time to innovate is now, a point on which Salesforce Health Cloud partners were in complete agreement during the event.

Geneia’s president, Heather Lavoie, spoke as part of a panel on population health during Dreamforce. Alongside leaders from Cerner, Innovation Health and Jawbone Health, Heather outlined the fast pace at which the industry is now moving to ensure those who have not traditionally been considered healthcare stakeholders—employers and their employees—have access to complete, interconnected healthcare experiences that treat everyone as a consumer with a complex set of needs.

Geneia President Heather Lavoie speaks at Dreamforce 2018 on population health thought leadership panel

Geneia also had the chance to make this point about understanding the whole person during another Dreamforce session, Managing Social Determinants of Health for Improved Member and Patient Outcomes. Here, Geneia further explored how factors like zip code, transportation and food insecurity are brought into the Theon® platform to help our users gain a truly complete patient view.

Since Geneia is a Salesforce partner, we noticed other partners as well as Salesforce customers who are applying consumer-centric solutions to a variety of engagement pain points.

Take, for instance, Formativ Health. In a session about patient access, Formativ showed how the patient is central throughout the entire appointment process, with Formativ using its technology on Health Cloud to match patients with the best provider for their specific needs, ease scheduling struggles with self-service options and even enable point-of-care payment. Salesforce customers showed their ability to offer end-to-end engagement solutions with Salesforce clouds across other industries as well, with vendors like Marriott highlighted in the Dreamforce keynote (Dreamforce: A Celebration of Trailblazers) for its ability to orchestrate and individualize each part of a guest’s stay at its hotels.

Finally, as a Salesforce partner, one of the most striking - but perhaps unsurprising - takeaways for Geneia was Salesforce’s unrelenting support of its customers, as well as its focus on partner success.

Salesforce is focused on delivering value to customers regardless of vertical, which means that Health Cloud partners are now tracking member or patient engagement and sentiment in a way that was once associated only with industries like retail and hospitality.

If you followed any #DF18 tweets, you may have noticed Salesforce’s #SuccessForAll hashtag, a reminder of Salesforce’s commitment to its customers as well as its partner ecosystem. Throughout the conference, Salesforce asked attendees to share pictures, stories and what they learned at sessions across social media (check out what @Geneia tweeted at @partnerforce and @HealthCloud). In reflecting on Dreamforce, it’s clear that Salesforce’s social media feed is a good representation of its commitment to CRM and customer engagement.

Read more information about Geneia’s participation in Dreamforce 2018.

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