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Ready to 86 chart-chasing?

December 06, 2018
Shelley Riser, RN, BSN, MSHA, Vice President, Consulting Services and Clinical Innovation

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Dear Health Plan Provider:

I’m writing with good news.

After too many years of relying on chart-chasing to close HEDIS® gaps, we have decided to no longer burden your staff with HEDIS® nurses combing through medical records.

Yes, you read that right. Instead, we’re providing you with a shared analytics platform to improve our collective performance while simultaneously reducing the administrative burden of quality measurement.

Believe it or not, you too could be sending such a letter to your health plan’s providers. Better yet, it is, in fact, possible to eliminate chart-chasing and improve your HEDIS® performance.

The care managers and network provider offices of one of Geneia’s health plan clients are using our Theon® analytics, insights and care management platform to support the collaboration and coordination necessary to continuously improve HEDIS® scores.

The combination of clinical integration, targeted reminders and efforts by the health plan clinical team – all based on insights from the Theon® platform – has resulted in a statistically-significant increase in 16 key HEDIS® measures from baseline performance. This year’s improvements in HEDIS® performance are on top of last year’s increases, meaning the Theon® platform is helping the plan continuously close HEDIS® gaps.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

It takes a village to close care gaps.

Supported by the Theon® platform, the village is much smaller, more efficient and I dare say less frustrated by the administrative burdens associated with quality performance management.

Download our case study to review the health plan’s impressive HEDIS® improvements in greater detail.

Improving HEDIS scores while reducing administrative burden case study

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