Geneia's case study shows how to improve HEDIS® results while reducing physician burnout.
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A win-win for physicians and payers

April 25, 2019
Geneia's case study shows how to improve HEDIS® results while reducing physician burnout.
Principal Clinical Transformational Consultant

Of course you want to ditch chart-chasing to improve HEDIS® results.

Your physicians do too.

After all, Geneia’s nationwide survey of 300 practicing physicians discovered the nationwide Physician Misery Index has increased to nearly 4 out of 5. The same survey found:

  • 89 percent of surveyed physicians believe the “business and regulation of healthcare” has changed the practice of medicine for the worse.
  • 87 percent say they find it is increasingly harder to spend time “developing an authentic engagement with each patient.”
  • 96 percent believe the amount of time physicians spend on data input and reporting in the last 10 years has increased.
  • 86 percent agree – 51 percent strongly agree – that “the heightened demand for data reporting to support quality metrics and the business-side of healthcare has diminished my joy in practicing medicine.”

We know doctors feel burdened by quality metrics, and research has documented the time and expense to physicians and their offices. A study published in Health Affairs showed physician practices spent more than $15.4 billion a year dealing with quality reporting. In 2014, the average physician practice dedicated 15.1 hours each week per physician – or 785 hours a year – processing quality metrics. Most of these hours were logged by staff, but the same study showed physicians spent 2.6 hours a week on quality metrics, time that could be used to care for nine additional patients.

Geneia’s clinical team works with providers to improve value-based care performance.

Knowing physician sentiment towards quality metrics and the cost, it’s exciting for me to share the work Geneia’s clinical team can do with providers. On behalf of our health plan clients, we are able to work with value-based care provider partners to help them understand what is working well and where there is room for improvement within the framework of population health management and value-based contract performance. In collaboration with physician leadership and partners, our population health experts review the data and develop reasonable action plans to address variations across patients, providers and facilities.

We also collaborate with physicians and their staffs to improve HEDIS® results, and it’s working.

One of Geneia’s health plan clients reported a statistically-significant increase in 16 key HEDIS® measures. A combination of clinical integration, targeted reminders and efforts by the clinical team – all based on insights from Geneia’s Theon® analytics and insights platform – helped care managers and health plan providers collaborate to improve HEDIS® performance.

A Win-Win: Better HEDIS® Results and Less Physician Burnout

Just as importantly, ditching chart-chasing, the nearly universally loathed practice of deploying nurses to provider offices to manually search patient records, reduces the administrative burden of quality metrics. I believe it also lessens physician burnout and helps to restore the joy of medicine to today’s physicians.

To learn more about our health plan client’s success increasing quality measure performance, download the case study, Improving HEDIS® Scores While Reducing Administrative Burden.

Download the case study