A product is successful only when it is: Built, meets client needs, is fully implemented and the client is successfully realizing their goals.
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Product success = Client success

December 12, 2019
A product is successful only when it is: Built, meets client needs, is fully implemented, and the client is successfully realizing their goals.
Chief Product and Client Officer

ICYMI, I joined Geneia as the chief product and client officer in October.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m results-oriented and passionate. As but one example from my first few weeks at Geneia, the marketing team suggested I write 700 words for this blog about my product and client philosophy. My response, “It’s really quite simple. In fact, very few words are needed.”

So let’s start there. My philosophy is:

  • Product success equals client success

A product is successful only when it is:

  • Built,
  • Meets client needs,
  • Is fully implemented, and
  • The client is successfully realizing their goals.

My Healthcare Roots

I’ve spent more than two decades working in healthcare. My focus is, and always has been, on increasing transparency and innovating consumer-oriented solutions. My expertise is turning the vision into pragmatic solutions.

I’ll return to this idea of bringing visions to life in organizations shortly, but first, allow me to tell you how I came to believe so strongly in the interconnectedness of client and product success.

I’ve worked in healthcare for my entire career. Shortly after college, I took a position at a behavioral health center. It was my first experience in healthcare, and I was immediately smitten with the potential to better orient healthcare towards patients as well as those who provide care and support to patients.

My next role was at Healthsource, Inc., a health maintenance organization (HMO) founded by New Hampshire physicians and ultimately grew to 16 states before it was acquired by CIGNA. There, I worked to create one of the first information systems to support medical management and equip nurse care managers with the tools needed to help ease patients through health challenges.

My belief in the strong connection between product and client success took root in the early days of my career. While working at CIGNA, I did hours of chairside reviews of the hospital registration process with an eye towards understanding the pain points the registration staff and patients had with the patient liability estimate. We call this design thinking today, and it’s critical to observe, understand and even empathize with users’ stated and unstated needs before building a solution.

It all came full circle for me when my son had his tonsils removed. Unsolicited, the hospital registration staff told me how much she loved CIGNA’s patient liability estimate because it was simple and self-explanatory.

I’ve also had tenures at McKesson, Choicelinx, a health IT company that worked to individualize and personalize benefit choices, CIGNA Healthcare, UnitedHealthcare, Trizetto and Paladina Health, an organization that’s expanding access to primary care with an eye towards improving patient, employer and physician satisfaction as well as the cost and quality of care.

The unifying theme of my healthcare career is my passion – and my firm commitment – to optimize healthcare for all stakeholders and positioning organizations to adapt to rapid healthcare changes. Together with technical and non-technical teams, I have delivered improvements across consumer, provider and payer sectors.

More specifically, if you view my LinkedIn profile, you’ll see I’ve frequently been responsible for product development, management and innovation. There’s nothing like direct feedback from clients about what’s working and what isn’t to understand how integral product success is to client success.

My Vision. My Philosophy.

I have come to believe strongly that client success can – and should be – measured, with a proven methodology that is used consistently throughout the organization. Client success needs to be a corporate objective that is measured. Results are transparent and shared internally as well as with clients. Similar to a financial review and key performance indicators (KPIs), it’s critical to measure and take action to improve a client’s health status; this should be done with the same discipline, rigor and frequency one uses to manage a good business.

To make this vision an organizational reality, software product and services, advisory consulting, client relationship and technology must be in sync to meet the client’s goals. Just as importantly, voice of the client is critical for the solution development lifecycle, ensuring the capabilities developed are influenced and driven with a market-in versus a product-out approach.

To do this successfully, organizations need a measured effort to take insights from:

  • Market intelligence on trends
  • Clients goals and experience
  • Internal teams’ expertise 

Product management then aligns these insights with the feasibility to implement and the resources required to establish a comprehensive roadmap for products and services.

Now, let me turn to clients.

Clients purchase solutions, that is product and services, from solution-oriented organizations. They expect it will come with a deep market expertise and that the capability set will grow based on this market-in approach.

What Geneia clients can expect from me and my team is:

  • Listening and discussion
  • Transparency
  • Market expertise from our diverse payer, provider and employer experts
  • Software solutions and the complementary services that delight as they aid in driving client success

In short, Geneia is as committed to your success as you are. I can’t wait to show you that I do what I say.