Optimize engagement to improve quality
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How to optimize engagement to improve quality performance

October 24, 2019
Every interaction is an opportunity.
Shelley Riser

Improving engagement is critical to gaining control of quality performance and improving population health. This fundamental truth exists for health plans, hospital systems and physician organizations alike. You cannot sustain improvements in quality performance without improving the way you engage people.

Your patients and members must engage more in their healthcare.

You know this. We all do. The real question is -- how?

The answer is simple.

To start, leadership must recognize that every interaction is an opportunity to improve the relationship your organization has with its consumers. Each call or office visit is a chance to gather key information, close gaps in care, educate, enroll people in beneficial care management programs, and schedule critical follow-up care.

Unfortunately, many organizations throw these chances away because of fragmented systems incapable of putting critical information in front of the right employee at the right time. 

To change this, organizations must take a good long look at all non-clinical touch points with consumers and evaluate where they are doing well and where there is room for improvement. For each touch point evaluate if your employee has the information they need to:

  • Demonstrate compassion for consumer’s unique history and current situation
  • Easily determine the next best action they can take to help
  • Easily refer the consumer to appropriate programming or resources
  • Record the interaction and provide clear, easy to find notes 

To drive quality improvement year after year, today’s consumer-centric healthcare organization must include a strategic approach for engagement that combines predictive analytics with education, screening and enrollment activities. These activities must be supported by clear, integrated and customized workflows along with compelling call scripts. This enables engagement specialists to be successful, whether they come from a provider or payer perspective and whether or not they are clinicians. 

To learn more, I encourage you to download our white paper, Take Control and Improve Quality Performance.

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