Geneia's care management workflow application improves care coordination while alleviating clinician burnout.
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Q&A: Geneia's new care management workflow application

October 30, 2019
Geneia's care management workflow application improves care coordination while alleviating clinician burnout.
Ronda Rogers

As you may have heard, Geneia launched the Theon® Platform for Care Management, a workflow application that helps health plans and provider organizations easily identify, outreach to and engage members for care coordination, and automate referral management. Together with the Theon® Platform for Population Analytics, Geneia’s care management application provides analytics and workflows that enable earlier identification of cohorts such as prediabetics, and streamline referrals, program enrollment and care planning. 

As one of the clinical subject matter experts, I want to tell you more about our new care management application. Here are some of the questions I’ve been asked along with answers.

Why did Geneia create the Theon® Platform for Care Management?

As Shelley Riser, Geneia’s vice president of consulting services and clinical innovation, wrote in a recent news release, 

“The heart of effective population health is identifying and engaging chronically-ill members and those patients expected to become ill in the next 12 to 24 months. Geneia’s Theon® Platform for Care Management is a workflow solution that simplifies care coordination and seeks to address clinician burnout. Our clinicians designed the workflows and use them every day so we know they work and save time.”

In particular, Geneia’s work with health plans transitioning to value-based care, helped us to better understand the acute market need for this application.

How important is better care coordination to patients?

Patients value care coordination; 68 percent say it’s a vital part of healthcare.

We know high member satisfaction – which not only drives engagement but also retention – comes from better coordinated care. A J.D. Powers survey conducted in 2017 showed that care coordination was the most important factor influencing member satisfaction, but that only a quarter of individuals surveyed felt they had received coordinated care from their health plan.

Does care coordination reduce costs?

In short, yes; efficient care coordination can reduce unnecessary costs.

Research has shown care coordination improves care quality and satisfaction while reducing healthcare costs, especially for chronically-ill patients.  An American Journal of Managed Care study, Care Fragmentation, Quality, and Costs Among Chronically Ill Patients, found the lack of care coordination resulted in higher rates of preventable hospitalizations and $4,542 in higher healthcare spending.

What are the goals of the Theon® Platform for Care Management?

  • Simplify and improve care coordination for health plans, provider organizations and their patients.
  • Address clinician burnout by saving time and clicks.
  • Deliver features and workflows that leverage the Salesforce® Health Cloud framework for population health management.
  • Enable care management workflows surrounding a patient/member case, including call lists, referral creation, care plan documentation and case closure.
  • Provide role-based security for user-specific access to data, features and workflows.
  • Integrate with the Theon® Platform for Population Analytics for a seamless user experience.


What are some of the ways the care management application addresses clinician burnout and improves care coordination?

  • Reducing the number of patient/member assessments,
  • Preserving patient/member history and streamlining updates when regulations or clinical guidelines change,
  • Prioritizing actions for the day and week with role-based home pages and dashboards, and
  • Improving care management efficiency with one holistic, integrated platform that eliminates toggling between systems, saving time, clicks and clinician frustration.


What are the key advantages of Geneia’s care management application?

  • Enhanced care coordination: Reduces the need for unnecessary or duplicative medical services by enabling caregivers to manage care more effectively.
  • Improve patient engagement and experience: Easily track and act on scheduled tasks and program activities based on member communication preferences.
  • Comprehensive and flexible: Balances out-of-the-box functionality with customizable workflow, programs and call scripts.


What are some of your favorite features of the Theon® Platform for Care Management?

  • Care managers can easily answer the question, “What do I need to do now?”
  • Out-of-the-box call scripts and the ability to create program-specific call scripts from templates.
  • Easy conversion of referrals to care plans as a part of the enrollment process.
  • Care management reporting, which includes referrals and care plans by program, past due and upcoming activities and case loads.
  • One integrated, self-contained platform reduces frustration and makes the job of care manager much more rewarding.

In short, the Theon® Platform for Care Management was created by Geneia clinicians who actively practice care management and population health, and we built it with the best of out-of-the-box functionality along with the ability to easily customize referral assignment rules, call scripts, reporting and more.

To learn more about the Theon Platform for Care Management click here