Meet Geneia's population health and consumer engagement director | Geneia

Meet Geneia's population health and consumer engagement director

April 03, 2019
Elysia Woody, Marketing Assistant

Ronda Rogers - Director of Population Health and Consumer Engagement

Meet Ronda Rogers, our director of population health and consumer engagement, who joined the team in December. Her role is to consult with Geneia’s clients to understand their specific use cases around population health and care management. Additionally, she works with our product team to inform the build of care management workflows, reporting and dashboards that will help clients better care for patients.

At a young age, Ronda knew the healthcare field was right for her. In high school and college, she worked as a dental assistant, which initially made her interested in dentistry. Ultimately she decided to pursue a career in nursing, as she loved the fact that there was a field that allowed her to take care of patients in their most vulnerable state. “I wanted to provide understanding, education and compassion to ease patients’ fears.” Following high school, Ronda attended the University of Texas at Arlington where she earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing.

After graduation, Ronda joined Texas Health Resources/Texas Health Physicians Group as the director of ancillary operations. Later, she became the director of ambulatory care management at Colorado Health Neighborhoods/Centura Health. These positions taught her the importance of developing and leading teams around population health initiatives and care management programs. 

To gain some insight into one of Geneia’s newest employees, I asked Ronda about her passions, her experience and her attraction to our company.

What does Ronda like most about healthcare?

Ronda finds nursing to be an extremely satisfying profession. She enjoys helping patients learn to manage their conditions and stay out of the hospital. A big problem is many people wait for something to happen before they become concerned about their health. “Most of the time, what triggers a patient’s health crisis could have been managed with education, mitigation of barriers to care and social determinants of health (SDoH) such as transportation and financial insecurity, and access to primary care.” 

Helping patients help themselves brings Ronda joy.

What brought Ronda to Geneia?

Ronda loves that Geneia provides a 360-degree view of the patient and uses analytics and predictive modeling to identify population risk. She believes that stratifying by healthy, rising risk, chronically and catastrophically ill is key to successful population health for care teams so they know on whom to focus resources and can proactively manage chronic conditions. She also is passionate about helping other organizations create population health programs, which is the central focus of her job at Geneia.

What’s next?

Ronda is eager to help develop population health tools and programs that will help our clients. Her expertise will continue to inform enhancements to the Theon® analytics and insights platform. She also is looking forward to coaching her team to advance the company’s clinical consulting services.

Fun Fact

When Ronda is not working, she loves flower gardening. When the ground isn’t covered with snow, she has beautiful perennials in her gardens around her home.

Welcome Ronda. We are so happy to have you as a part of our team!

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