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Faces of Geneia: Geneia Data Scientist Qiuyue Zhong

February 20, 2019
Elysia Woody, Marketing Assistant

Meet Geneia's newest data scientist: Qiuyue Zhong

Meet our newest principal data scientist, Qiuyue (pronounced chow-yu) Zhong. Qiuyue joined us in July and we are thrilled to have her as a part of the Geneia family, where she is building prediction models for risk adjustment and exploring applications of deep learning in claims data.

So who is Qiuyue and why did she choose to work for Geneia?

Qiuyue attended Peking University in China where she studied medicine and economics. She traveled to the United States and attended Harvard University to study epidemiology and biostatistics.

Qiuyue didn’t major in anything specific to data science during her schooling because she didn’t yet know she wanted to be a data scientist. In fact, the job title didn’t exist then, as the term ‘data scientist’ didn’t surface until 2012.

"I can code, play with numbers, create visualizations, provide insights and drive changes under one job title." - Qiuyue Zhong

From medicine to data science

The first time Qiuyue heard the term data science was when she listened to a TED talk by Amy Webb called How I Hacked Online Dating. In the talk, Webb explains how she didn’t have good luck with online dating, so she created a spreadsheet to ‘hack’ her online dating life. Amazed, Qiuyue started googling everything about data science. She even learned to code; something she never thought she could do.

At the time, Qiuyue was working as a reproductive epidemiologist. She began to wonder how she could apply data science to her field of work. Her dissertation advisor then came up with the idea to combine data science and women’s mental health.

Qiuyue worked as a research assistant at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and then as a research trainee at Brigham and Women’s Hospital before coming to Geneia. She also was an Insight data science fellow with two of our other data scientists, Andrew Fairless and Jasmine McCammon.

Qiuyue said when she heard our chief analytics and technology officer, Fred Rahmanian, speak at Insight, she knew that she wanted to work for Geneia. Like us, she wants to improve population health.

Qiuyue’s favorite part about being a data scientist is that she can code, play with numbers, create visualizations, provide insights, and drive changes under one job title.

In addition, Qiuyue is passionate about improving women’s health.

When she was in China, she spent a copious amount of time volunteering to help improve female sex worker’s health and now in the U.S., she works to provide financial support for those girls to continue their education.

We’re so happy to have such a kind, dedicated employee like Qiuyue. Welcome to Geneia!

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