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Reversing Prediabetes: Lucky Lucy

February 14, 2019
Heather Lavoie, President

Lucky Lucy reversed her prediabetes

Meet Lucy.*

She’s 42, a mother of two teenagers and a part-time caregiver for her elderly father.

She’s also one of the lucky ones.

A year ago, Lucy’s primary care physician gave her a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome or prediabetes. She could easily have become one of 90 percent of prediabetics who develops diabetes.

Instead, a concerted effort by her doctor, her health plan and her employer helped Lucy to create a personalized, achievable care plan to improve her diet and activity-level and reverse her prediabetes.

Watch the video to learn how:

*Lucy is fictional and not intended to represent any specific person. This information is provided for illustrative purposes only.

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