How to get started implementing a digital front door.
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Geneia Conversations: Digital Front Door

August 12, 2020
How to get started implementing a digital front door.
Vice President, Marketing

ICYMI, we launched a podcast earlier this month, Geneia Conversations: Redefining Healthcare.

In bite-size chunks of 15 minutes or less, the Geneia podcast spotlights what’s happening now – and what’s coming soon — to improve healthcare for patients, physicians, hospitals and health plans. Our conversations are focused on innovations in technology and analytics.

The newest episode, Getting Started with the Digital Front Door, is now available. In it, Heather Lavoie, Geneia’s president and CEO, shares Geneia’s definition of the digital front door, which is:

The digital front door is a strategy that meets patients where they are, digitally engaging them at every touchpoint along the healthcare journey. It means actually meeting patient expectations, coordinating their care, resolving their issues at the first point of contact and using technology and analytics to personalize opportunities for proactive care.

She also discusses why the digital front door is important to patients as well as how the strategy benefits health plans, hospitals and physicians and the results they can expect.

Perhaps most importantly, she shares how organizations can get started implementing a digital front door:

‘At its foundation, the digital front door is reliant on data from a myriad of sources to support insights about the individual patient. That patient data needs to be aggregated, informed by predictive analytics models, and then served up in a way that’s useful to health plans, hospitals and physician practices. The digital front door sounds simple, but in practice, it’s quite rare in healthcare. Some large national health plans and mature hospital organizations have invested in this strategy, and key components that build to the digital front door, starting with comprehensive patient data.’

Listen now: Getting Started with the Digital Front Door.

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