We embrace our mission of helping healthcare organizations easily collaborate to support personalized, patient-centric care.
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President's letter: Looking back and looking ahead

January 7, 2020
Embracing our mission to support personalized, patient-centered care.
President and CEO

Just as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina voters take very seriously their role in evaluating and helping to determine the next President of the United State, so too do I, along with Geneia employees working in the Granite State, Pennsylvania and remote locations throughout the country, passionately embrace our charge, which is:

Geneia’s Mission: Alignment and Collaboration

We provide the technology, training, data and insights needed for health plans, hospitals, healthcare providers and employers to easily collaborate and align around shared values and goals that support personalized, patient-centered care and improved health.

As the New Hampshire Historical Society aptly wrote,

Every four years the world turns its attention to New Hampshire’s presidential primary. In this small New England state, little-known candidates have moved to center stage while front runners have seen their hopes dashed. As each primary election draws near, the Granite State itself—its people, landscape, cities, and towns—shares the limelight on the first stop of the long road to the presidency.

We Granite Staters take our responsibility very seriously.

Between now and Primary Day, there will be town halls, rallies, canvassing, phone banks, loads of selfies and much more. Just as importantly, New Hampshire voters will be wrapping up their research on candidates and issues. There’s nothing like a Presidential campaign to be a catalyst and an opportunity to evaluate what’s working in our nation and what can be improved.

So too is the dawning of a New Year. It’s in that spirit that I write to you today with a look back at 2019 and a look ahead at 2020.

The Best of 2019

The Geneia Data Intelligence Lab:

Geneia formally established the Geneia Data Intelligence Lab and continued to grow and augment its data science team, capabilities and output with the release of an AI-based model that improves personalization and precision of health risk scores. The lab continued to work on developing and refining models that address diabetes complications, readmission risk, predicting high-cost claimants, opioid addiction and more.

Learn mroe about the Geneia Data Intelligence Lab

The Theon® Platform:

Geneia continued to build out and enhance the Theon® Platform, introducing new functionality and workflows around care coordination, referral management, and lightweight analytics and reporting for rural and community hospitals.

Three releases of the Theon® Platform for Population Analytics brought new and enhanced capabilities that met market demand for clients in value-based relationships, including:

  • Incorporation of social determinants of health (SDoH) factors from publicly available data sets, including income, housing, transportation, education, food and access to care

    Incorporation of SDoH factors from publicly available data sets, including income, housing, transportation, education, food and access to care

  • Enhanced care gap management, with the ability to close gaps using clinical data and upload supplemental clinical documentation
  • Referral workflows enabled through patient lists
  • Robust reporting enhancements and benchmarking
  • New predictive model for readmission risk

Geneia launched two new products under the Theon® Platform product set, which include the Theon® Platform for Care Management and the Theon® Platform for Analytics & Reporting.

The Theon® Platform for Care Management supports the member care lifecycle by providing flexible tools to identify, outreach and enroll members in care management programs. Key functionality includes:

  • Configure user-defined care management programs and conduct member outreach and pre-enrollment screening
  • Generate referrals to care management programs
  • Pre-configured, structured and customizable clinical assessments
  • Track productivity through referral activity and status reports, current care manager caseload and patient status reporting

Learn more about the Theon Platform for Care Management

Designed specifically for small- to medium-sized rural and community hospitals, the Theon® Platform for Analytics & Reporting is a lightweight reporting and visualization tool for entities preparing for or in the early stages of value-based reimbursement arrangements. It provides key insights into cost, utilization and quality performance without the need to manipulate data manually, and an intuitive, easily navigable dashboard.

The Physician Misery Index:

Geneia conducted another national survey of practicing physicians and found doctors are still miserable. The research also revealed seven ways that physicians say their employers can alleviate physician burnout.

Physician Misery Index - seven ways physiciancs say their employers can alleviate physician burnout.

What’s Ahead in 2020

At Geneia, we believe familiar themes will dominate the healthcare industry in 2020, but be accelerated this year due to the quickened pace of the market and growing customer expectations.

  1. The New Normal of “Disruption:" In 2020, non-traditional industry disruptors will begin to be accepted as a kind of standard across healthcare, much as they are in other industries. It’s becoming a given that healthcare technology and outcomes must move at the pace of Amazon to maintain relevancy.

    Increased pace and a digital approach to healthcare will be particularly important in Medicare Advantage. To succeed in a fiercely competitive market, health plans must do everything possible to effectively control the cost of chronic conditions and expensive prescriptions. Plans will find themselves increasingly collaborating with various technology and retail vendors to differentiate (or realistically, just keep pace) in Medicare Advantage.
  2. Patient Experience, Continued: Satisfying the consumer - whether they be the member or the patient - will continue to be one of the primary goals of healthcare delivery organizations and healthcare technology vendors in 2020. Recent consolidation, partnerships and general market activity all support the idea that consumers must have more options when it comes to their care, as well as stronger alliances with their physicians, hospitals and health plans.
  3. Greater – and Broader – Need for Value-Based Analytics: Value-based care is no longer a choice for a growing number of healthcare organizations as more mandates come into existence. Hospitals and health systems are increasingly being pushed into value-based arrangements, and are often less ready to understand and succeed in those arrangements than their payer peers. In addition, providers - whether they are part of an ACO, standalone practice or health system - will increasingly be driven to meet certain cost and quality standards as CMS zeroes in on the preventive power of primary care.
  4. The Power of Healthcare AI: 2020 will be the year we see healthcare AI move far beyond chatbots and physician transcription, instead increasingly translating into lower costs, better care, streamlined operations and earlier indications of chronic disease. AI companies - Geneia too - are driven to create and improve disease identification models that help healthcare organizations reach the right members or patients at the right time, catching their shifting disease state or high-cost trend before it reaches unmanageable levels. Increasingly, the new standard is to focus on populations that will become sicker or higher-cost - rather than a focus only on those that are today.

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Heather Lavoie, President, Geneia