Dr. David Nash editorializes about fixes to the Physician Misery Index.
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Bye, bye burnout?

July 15, 2020
Dr. David Nash editorializes about fixes to the Physician Misery Index.
President and CEO

It is my profound pleasure to share a recent editorial by one of our nation’s primary thought leaders within the population health movement, David B. Nash, MD, MBA. Chances are you know who Dr. Nash is, but just in case, his career highlights include:

  • Board-certified internist who is internationally recognized for his work in public accountability for outcomes, physician leadership development and quality-of-care improvement
  • Founding dean of the Jefferson College of Public Health
  • One of Modern Healthcare’s Most Powerful Persons in Healthcare
  • Author of more than 100 articles in major peer-reviewed journals and editor of 23 books

Perhaps more importantly, he’s one of those rare people who is very present in conversation and takes the time to truly listen. I can imagine his patients feel known and cared for by him.

Dr. Nash recently published an editorial about addressing physician burnout and remedying the Physician Misery Index in the peer-reviewed American Health & Drug Benefits for Payers, Purchasers, Policymakers, and other Healthcare Stakeholders. He admits to stumbling “across a fascinating report published in 2019, titled Physicians Still Miserable: Seven Solutions to Address Burnout. What Physicians Want Their Employers to Do.”

Geneia's 2019 national physician survey reveals

In the editorial, he discusses:

  • connections between physician burnout and the probability of physician error, irreparable harm and rising financial healthcare costs
  • differences in satisfaction between employed and independent physicians
  • solutions for employers of physicians, most notably the need for better-prepared physician leaders to mentor colleagues, reduce burnout, decrease harm and help us deliver care that is safe and of high value

At a time when current conditions are likely to create never-before-seen levels of stress for our healthcare workers, I encourage you to read the editorial, Bye, Bye Burnout?, for a new perspective on a topic that deeply impacts our industry.