Critical success factors in value-based care.
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Meeting healthcare systems and patients where they are

July 21, 2020
Critical success factors in value-based care.
Vice President, Marketing

The healthcare system – health plans, providers, health systems and hospitals – is complex and continually evolving. What remains constant is the mission to serve patients. The healthcare industry is human-centric and this focus is what attracted me to it. Care providers and staff are at the heart and center of making the system work.

Today, clinical staff rely more and more on technology to deliver personalized care and to balance better patient outcomes while controlling costs. Given the prevalence of chronic disease across the population, data-driven approaches and leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and chronic illness models are game changers. These technologies enable healthcare systems to achieve their business objectives by proactively predicting which patients are most at risk and by better managing costs, two critical success factors in value-based care.

Geneia and Salesforce joined forces

Health plans, hospitals, physicians and employers need easy-to-use tools to ease the transition to value-based care. That’s why, nearly three years ago, Geneia and Salesforce joined forces to better serve the needs of healthcare organizations looking to deliver high-quality, lower-cost care.

The joint solution, which combines Geneia’s Theon® platform’s AI-driven analytics and actionable insights with Salesforce Health Cloud’s workflow, member engagement and communication tools, empowers organizations with a prescriptive approach to engage patients where they are, deliver care and improve quality scores. Together, Salesforce and Geneia are helping organizations to quickly implement and scale care management and population health programs and activities, accelerating time to value.

Salesforce Accelerate GrowGeneia is continually expanding and enhancing our capabilities and offerings for payers, hospitals and providers. Through the 2020 Salesforce Accelerate program, Geneia gained insight on how our two companies strategically align to best meet customer needs. The start of the three-month program coincided with the outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S. Geneia teamed up with Salesforce and quickly developed an application on Health Cloud that makes it easy for hospitals and care teams to triage, outreach to and engage COVID-19 patients for care coordination. The Theon® Platform for Care Management of COVID-19 Patients is a lightweight, tailored version of an existing solution, available through September 30 at no cost.

In light of how the COVID-19 pandemic has sidelined routine and elective care and decimated the finances of many hospitals and provider organizations, it’s increasingly important for healthcare organizations to create affinity and customer loyalty. This is where a patient relationship management (PRM) system such as Health Cloud along with a digital front door strategy can increase engagement and make the difference for patients and care teams. Knowing how to engage with patients at every major touch-point in the care journey helps accelerate the successful transition to value-based care.

Geneia – Salesforce Partnership: Key Use Cases for Value-Based Care

The Theon® platform, built on the easily-configurable Health Cloud platform, helps health plans in value-based arrangements with providers. Healthcare organizations that want to identify patient needs, manage health and measure outcomes can quickly implement a data-analytics system and scale population health programs and activities. They can use pre-configured workflows to accelerate time to value and perform true population health by moving upstream to identify patients likely to develop chronic conditions, engage them early and prevent them from developing chronic conditions. These are the key use cases for which the joint Geneia and Salesforce solution is an ideal fit.

Scale intelligent care and disease management

Situation: The American Diabetes Association estimates that one of every seven healthcare dollars are spent to treat diabetes and its complications. Thirty million people have diabetes and 88 million people are pre-diabetic.

Solution: Identify, engage and manage in cohorts: rising-risk, pre-diabetic and diabetic members

Drive population health engagement to transform the member experience

Situation: Payers rank in the bottom five of all industries and only 56 percent of members feel they get help when needed

Solution: Integrate patient data for single digital front door, next best action and alerts

Improve network quality performance

Situation: Relentless need to increase quality and reduce cost to drive value

Solution: Actionable data sharing for improved provider adoption to drive better patient care

To learn more about how Geneia helps healthcare organizations succeed in value-based care, download the white paper, How a Phased Approach to Value-Based Care Works: For Health Plans, Hospitals and their Value-Based Partners.

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