Geneia client success starts with understanding pain points.
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Seven ways Geneia delivers client success

July 9, 2020
Geneia client success starts with understanding pain points.
Chief Product and Client Officer

As I have shared with Geneia blog readers, we’re as committed to client success as our clients are. I have also written about my philosophy that a product is successful only when it is:

  • Built,
  • Meets client needs,
  • Is fully implemented, and
  • The client is successfully realizing their goals.

In short, client success is why we do what we do. That’s Geneia’s reason for being.

To help Geneia elevate our client success team, we recently hired Patrick McInnis. Like many Geneia leaders, he has decades of healthcare experience, including positions at NextGen Healthcare, athenahealth and LaheyHealth.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Patrick.

Why did you choose to work at Geneia?

When I learned of Geneia’s vision and focus on physician burnout from a blog by Geneia President Heather Lavoie, it was kind of like the classic Jerry Maguire movie line, “You had me at hello.” As I learned through research and conversations with company leaders, Geneia is focused on helping to deliver meaningful patient-centered care, data and services that are designed to improve healthcare and help physicians and care teams rediscover the joy of medicine.

Why did you dedicate your career to healthcare?

My mother is a nurse and my father is your classic, old-school doctor who loved to care for people anywhere and anytime. Literally anywhere – house calls, grocery stores, sporting events and more. They loved caring for people. To me, there is nothing more important than helping providers reduce the burden of the business and administrative demands of medicine so they can focus on care delivery.

What does client success mean to you?

To me, client success is one word: growth. To elaborate, client success is a relationship-focused, client growth strategy that aligns client and Geneia goals proactively for mutually beneficial outcomes while using our products or services.

Geneia's client executives deliver client successes in many ways

How do you deliver client success?

We will continue to deliver client success closely aligned with the principles of the ideal customer experience as described by Joey Coleman in his book, Never Lose a Customer Again. Our focus is on providing an exceptional experience for our clients at all points of the relationship.

Geneia’s client executives deliver client success in many ways:

  1. Listen and assess to truly understand pain points and problem(s) to be solved.
  2. Rally Geneia teams to spread the client success culture around a common vision to support the communicated goals of our clients.
  3. Unify our client partnership with agreed upon defined objectives.
  4. Become a trusted advisor for our clients and know their business inside and out.
  5. Nurture relationships and continuously assess our clients’ experience.
  6. Measure progress and create stakeholder meeting review sessions.
  7. Promote successes and serve as the voice of our clients.

What is Geneia’s reimagined client services model?

Real success of any business is directly related to the success of your customer. If you’re helping solve problems and clients find success with your solutions, then they’ll continue using your products and services.

Geneia’s reimaged client services model is a pivot from client services as a reactive problem-solver to client success. That means the team focuses on gathering deep insight into our clients’ businesses and goals so we serve as trusted advisors who help navigate successful outcomes.

Geneia’s client success model is centered around the entire client lifecycle, starting with gaining a strong prospective on business problems to be solved during the sales process and creating adaptive, data-driven solutions with successfully measured outcomes from onboarding to full adoption to advocacy. Our client executives drive an aligned partnership by delivering standard procedural strategy meetings and quarterly onsite (or as needed, virtual) business reviews (QBRs) to measure progress and planning around specific goal attainment. Client strategic directives will serve as our roadmap to outcome success and high client satisfaction.

If you’re successful in your job, what will be different a year from now?

Within the year, our client executive team will continue to improve upon and expand the culture of client success across the entire organization, with continued efforts focused on internal training and customer experience throughout the entire client lifecycle. Just as importantly, everyone at Geneia will know what defines success for our clients.