Outreach and patient navigation are shared services for hospitals.

Shared services for hospitals: How it works

May 12, 2020
Outreach and patient navigation are shared services for hospitals.
Shelley Riser

For many rural and independent hospitals, the arrival of COVID-19 means the situation has gone from bad to worse.

Data gathered before the COVID-19 pandemic to create the 2020 Rural Hospital Sustainability Index showed one quarter of rural hospitals were at high financial risk of closing. Equally troubling, more than three-quarters (76 percent) of patients living in rural counties with a local hospital outmigrated – or left the local area – to receive care. The analysis showed 68 percent of patients needing Level 1 care outmigrated. These are precisely the type of patients that rural hospitals can – and should – retain.


Source: 2020 Rural Hospital Sustainability Index


Undoubtedly, COVID-19 is exacerbating – and will continue to exacerbate – already precarious finances. Elected procedures and doctor visits – profitable services that usually help fund hospitals – have been cancelled. At the same time, many institutions are facing higher costs for personal protective equipment such as face masks.

The challenging dynamics rural and independent hospitals find themselves in gave rise to Geneia’s shared services model. The shared services model means we’re bringing smaller and mid-sized hospitals the outreach, engagement and referral services they need to preserve current revenue and find key opportunities for new revenue.

Before I share the nuts and bolts, I invite you to watch a 75-second video that illustrates how the model works from the patient’s perspective.


How Shared Services Works

With our data science and population health expertise, Geneia brings hospitals and health systems outreach and patient navigation services powered by our Theon® analytics and insights. The shared services model means external teams of population health engagement specialists can deliver targeted services to a number of hospitals so clients benefit from economies of scale.

Shared services model

Geneia’s analytics-enabled services drive revenue optimization and patient engagement:

  • Gaps in care and missed patient services
    Population health engagement specialists can use our analytics platform to uncover new or additional revenue related to primary care visits and/or quality and services opportunities. Focus areas for outreach include:
    • Adult annual well exams
    • Breast cancer screening
    • Colorectal cancer screening
    • Pneumococcal vaccines
    • Immunizations for adolescents
    • Lead screening
    • Well child visits
  • Leakage recovery and prevention
    Geneia identifies patients in need of key services that could be delivered within the health system or hospital, supporting revenue optimization and patient loyalty. For example, if a patient gets referred out of network for orthopedic surgery, Geneia’s platform can alert population health engagement specialists to reach out to schedule rehabilitation visits and follow-up appointments that can be delivered locally.
  • New patients in need of a primary care physician
    We help care teams easily identify patients for outreach. For example, those who have been seen in the emergency department or discharged from inpatient care who do not have a primary care physician, uncovering revenue opportunities while cultivating new, engaged patients.

Analytics-enabled shared services deliver results to rural, community and independent hospitals:

  • Increased average reimbursement per patient
  • Increased use of ancillary services such as diagnostic testing and labs
  • Increased primary care and specialist visits
  • Decreased leakage rates
  • Decreased no-show rates for patient visits

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