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Geneia Conversations: Is telemedicine working?

November 10, 2020
Eric Grossman shares six best practices for improving telemedicine
President and CEO

At the outset, let me say that I hold Eric Grossman, founder and CEO of NextHealth Technologies, in extremely high regard.

Eric is a smart, successful entrepreneur who is laser-focused on measuring the effectiveness of and optimizing programs like diabetes care management and telemedicine, and doing so in near real time at the patient and population level. It’s no surprise to me that health plans like Cambia Health Solutions, BlueShield of Tennessee and Humana have chosen NextHealth to improve their clinical, service and affordability initiatives.

Eric recently joined the Geneia podcast to discuss the surge in telemedicine use during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more importantly, whether telemedicine is working for patients, physicians and health plans. He also shared six key takeaways to drive telemedicine effectiveness based on NextHealth’s best practices, analytics and its telemedicine optimization product:

1.   Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented intelligence can assist health plans and telemedicine providers with who to target, what is working and how to optimize and deliver clinical decision support and improve the user experience.

2.   Focus on serving the member and give them all the time they need.

3.   Engage physician user groups to design the services and technology offered to their members.

4.   Establish telemedicine program partnerships for speed-to-value such as behavioral health specialists, substance use disorder and palliative care pilot programs.

5.   Ensure consideration of member and physician technology and financial barriers to maximize utility.

6.   Product and network design and virtual vertical integration will impact member adoption and physician livelihood.

Looking ahead three to five years, Eric believes the future of telemedicine is bright. He foresees that all physicians, even acute care doctors, will offer telemedicine as a delivery channel, ‘virtual behavioral health or telepsych will be successful, safe and widespread,’ and healthcare organizations will increasingly use AI to “improve telemedicine effectiveness and the overall consumer experience.”

As one who plans to continue using telehealth for my children and myself, let me conclude by saying, “I can’t wait.”

Listen now to learn more about Eric Grossman, NextHeath Technologies, telemedicine adoption and best practices.