Happy Geneia Employees = Successful Geneia Clients
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Happy Geneia Employees = Successful Geneia Clients

September 16, 2020
Geneia employees want their work to make life better for others.
President and CEO

Nearly universally, people come to work for Geneia because they are mission-focused.

Our employees want their work to make life better for others, and they find meaning and satisfaction from working on projects like our COVID-19 solution that helps hospitals, physicians and their patients. The times we are living in have taught me the importance of surrounding myself with talented people and creating a work environment that allows them to thrive. Undoubtedly, one of my COVID-19 bright spots is the Geneia team who rallied tirelessly as a cohesive, unified force to launch a solution that could help front-line staff amidst a crisis.

Best places to work featuring Heather Staples Lavoie

Best Places to Work

One of the Geneia successes that makes me proudest is earning Best Places to Work Pennsylvania for every year we have applied. Receiving this recognition for the fourth year in a row is the direct result of our employees, and the energy and enthusiasm they bring to the important work of helping healthcare organizations deliver personalized, patient-centered care. Geneia employees are the heart of what we do, and it is their views about Geneia that are the principal reason we continue to be named one of the best places to work. Geneia also scores well above national benchmarks in employee engagement in our Gallup survey.

Gallup poll question: Geneia score 4.17

Undoubtedly, our strong compensation and benefits help us attract kindred employees, but it’s much more than that.

For every role, we go through an exhaustive process of recruitment and behavioral interviewing to ensure, for their sake and for ours, that we have value alignment. That means the values of our employees align to Geneia and to those of our customers.

I meet every employee on their first day, or if there is an unavoidable conflict on a hiring Monday, within their first two weeks of joining Geneia. I want to get to know each person, not just in their role, but who they are as individuals inside and outside of the organization.

During these meetings, I’ve met photographers, DJs, organic farmers, hikers, campers, moms, dads, an LSU football parent, dog lovers, gardeners, artists and avid readers. These meetings allow us to find common bonds, and celebrate our differences and diversity. Most of all, it affords me an opportunity to make sure they know they can call, email or IM me any time with ideas, suggestions or reflections. Unequivocally I can say their experiences and ideas are the greatest sources for our innovation.

Happy Employees = Happy Clients

In my more than 30 years of working in healthcare, I’ve learned multiple times that happy employees make happy customers. I have always known that if we attract mission-driven individuals who are passionate about solving big problems and improving the health of others, then all that would need to happen is to unleash their passion on a problem. That’s precisely what Geneia leaders and I try to do each and every day.

Geneia’s culture is built on client success, rather than satisfaction. We have a methodology and company-wide corporate goals that align us to this imperative. Our commitment to client success shows.

As we wrote in the July 28th news release, Geneia has earned the distinction of an early high score and rating from KLAS in their value-based care managed services segment. (View Geneia’s score by clicking here.) To determine Geneia’s score, KLAS, a leading research and insights firm, interviewed health plan, provider and employer clients who have ongoing consulting relationships with Geneia.

Some client quotes from the KLAS interviews are:

“Geneia absolutely helped us transition to providing value-based care. The transition was a large shift in our whole thought process, and Geneia helped us navigate that. They helped us see the value in the change. That was what Geneia really understood.” CIO, December 2019

“Geneia is a great partner, and their strengths are certainly their excellent staff members, their working relationship with us, and their value.” President, October 2019

Striving for Continued Client Success

As gratified as I am about our KLAS rating, score and positive client quotes from the KLAS interviews, we are continually striving to do better. Every year when we get our KLAS results, we take a deeply self-reflective position to determine how we can improve. We ask and answer critical questions, including:

  • How we can ensure that our results aren’t a function of a good year or an individual personality?
  • How can we make client success systematic and embedded in our culture and not just in our goals?

It’s my fervent belief that Geneia is the sum of its parts – that is, for each and every Geneia employee, our work to help health plans, hospitals, physicians and patients is personal. Just as I do, our employees feel accountable for the success of the organization and for our clients.