Validation of Geneia’s customer-centric culture benefits clients
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What KLAS rating means for Geneia clients and prospects

September 29, 2020
Validation of Geneia’s customer-centric culture benefits clients.
President and CEO

If you’ve followed Geneia for any length of time, you know our culture is centered on the success of our clients. At Geneia, having a passionate, employee-driven approach means we employ dedicated professionals who are deeply committed to the success of clients from day one regardless of what department they sit in. Additionally, you may have read that the structure of our organization boasts a client success business unit entirely devoted to helping our clients meet their goals.

Happily, our efforts to give our clients the best possible experience with Geneia have gained increasing attention across the market. In July, we announced the distinction of an early high score and rating from KLAS in their value-based care managed services segment. (View Geneia’s score by clicking here.) To determine Geneia’s score, KLAS, a leading research and insights firm, interviewed health plan, provider and employer clients who have ongoing consulting relationships with Geneia. Through the company’s value-based care managed services, Geneia helps clients pinpoint problem areas as well as design and implement effective strategies to overcome them.

While being KLAS rated and ranked with a high score is important validation of the work we are doing, today’s blog is less about what the KLAS score means for us here at Geneia, and more about what our recent KLAS score means for our clients.

What a KLAS Rating Means to Geneia Clients and Prospects

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In particular, our KLAS score indicates that:

  • Client voices are heard
  • Regular feedback from blinded, third-party sources such as KLAS means that everyone across our organization hears what our clients really think, in an unfiltered, unbiased way.

    While we structure our relationships so that clients can tell us anything, we understand that having outside parties regularly check the pulse of client health leads to better relationships. Earlier feedback means that we gauge the state of our client interactions long before clients report a true issue with either products, services or relationships.

  • Client voices are acted upon
  • Taking the above a step further, KLAS and outside analyst ratings mean we value customer feedback not just as a pulse, but as an important source of feedback into our product roadmap.

    One of the things we hear consistently from our clients is that they see their requested enhancements and their vision reflected in our product updates. This is intentional: we combine voice of market with voice of customer to make sure that our current customers have the functionality they require and prospective customers can purchase the functionality they need to keep pace with peers.

    Our approach—which involves not just listening to but acting upon client feedback-- means that our customers have market-leading tools and services much sooner than they would from vendors whose roadmap may be less flexible.

  • Buying decisions are validated
  • We understand population health analytics and services purchases are no small decision for organizations. While we strive to get to know prospects fully—and are transparent about who we are and the work we do from first touch onwards—clients need to know how their peers have fared with vendors.

    Success begets more success; if similar organizations have succeeded with a vendor, there’s safety in knowing your organization will as well.

  • Growth is embedded in our culture
  • Going back to my earlier point about the commitment of our employees to client success, we have multiple departments within Geneia working towards long-term relationships with our clients. This client culture goes far beyond Sales and Implementation.

    After the initial sale, implementation and first few product releases from a vendor, results can seem less impressive than they did in year one. By having constant KLAS and market feedback, we stay focused on driving incremental, ongoing results for our clients.

    Our goal is not just successful implementation, but adoption and, eventually full-scale business transformation for clients. To this end, we bring our clinical, data science and education teams to make sure clients have the best possible ongoing use of our tools and services so that results are achieved across the short and long-term.

  • Geneia clients get partnership, not a sale
  • Finally, our KLAS results excite us because they mean our clients get a long-term partnership, not just an analytics sale or a one-off services engagement.

    Value-based managed services success is about long-term relationships that make the use of technology tools more impactful.

    In today’s competitive and fast-moving healthcare market, it’s our belief at Geneia that clients cannot succeed unless they enter into a partnership with a value-based expert who can keep them moving on their biggest improvement opportunities and understand the pulse of the industry in a deep, meaningful way. Our KLAS rating means clients enjoy a full lifecycle with us, from setting strategy to realizing results.

In short, we believe our current clients -- and future clients -- have much to gain from Geneia’s commitment to honoring the feedback we hear from outside, third-party sources. We’re filled with gratitude for the partnership from our current clients, and we’re excited about providing them ongoing support in their business transformation.