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Rural Health Leadership Radio: My Conversation with Dr. Bill Auxier, Ph.D.

July 08, 2020
Heather Staples Lavoie, President and CEO

“I wholeheartedly agree with Rural Health Leadership Radio’s mission to save rural hospitals.”   Heather Lavoie, Geneia President and CEO

One thing you may not know about me – I’m an avid podcast listener. I am a subscriber of more than 25 podcasts, and on an average week, I listen to at least 10 podcasts. Among my long-time favorites are The Rich Roll Podcast, The James Altucher Show, Finding Mastery, Found My Fitness, and a completed series, Zip Code Economies.

One of my newer favorites is Rural Health Leadership RadioTM. Founder and host Bill Auxier, Ph.D., has a very laudable mission – Improving the world by engaging rural health leaders in conversations, learning and research.

As Dr. Auxier has written,

“Over the past 10 years, over 100 rural hospitals have closed their doors. Roughly one in three rural hospitals have been identified as ‘at risk.’ If there ever was a need for strong leadership, that time is now. Rural Health Leadership RadioTM provides a forum for conversations, learning and research, to assist rural health leaders in becoming more effective leaders.”

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Auxier’s mission to save rural hospitals.

As a life-long New Hampshire resident who’s worked in the healthcare industry for my entire career, I am acutely aware of the many challenges rural hospitals face. My home state’s southern tier is served by hospitals like Dartmouth-Hitchcock and others that are affiliated with nationally-known healthcare institutions in Boston, MA. Yet, 50 percent of the Granite State’s hospitals are deemed critical access, and many of those hospitals serve communities that have been designated Health Professional Shortage Areas.

Likewise, rural health is a primary focus for Geneia. The company has roots in rural America. We are headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, a state with 15 critical access hospitals and a ranking as the 33rd largest rural state in the country, have offices in NH, a largely rural state, and have employees all across the nation in small, rural communities.

How Geneia is helping rural hospitals

That’s why I was so eager to talk with Dr. Auxier about how we’re helping rural hospitals with analytically-driven shared services for patient engagement and outreach.

I encourage you to listen to our conversation.

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