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Getting implementation right is critical to client success

May 20, 2020
Lori Logan, Chief Product and Client Officer

Geneia’s implementation approach focuses on immediate needs, early wins and time to value.

As I wrote in my last blog, at Geneia, we’re as committed to client success as our clients are. I also shared my philosophy that a product is successful only when it is:

  • Built,
  • Meets client needs,
  • Is fully implemented, and
  • The client is successfully realizing their goals.

At the risk of restating the obvious, getting implementation right is critical to client success.

In short, my implementation philosophy can be boiled down to one critical idea – know the pain point(s) the key stakeholder is seeking to remedy, implement with a laser-focus on addressing the client’s goals and objectives, and measure and report on goal progress.

If you’ve been in healthcare as long as I have, you’ve certainly heard implementation horror stories. Perhaps you’ve lived through one at your hospital or health plan. It is said that “more than 50 percent of EHR systems either fail or fail to be properly utilized.”

EHR implementation failures

For health information technology (HIT) projects in general, the statistics are even more troubling. Research shows HIT projects fail at a rate up to 70 percent of the time when failure is defined: “an HIT project in which an unintended negative consequence occurred, such as a project delay, a substantial cost overrun, a failure to meet an intended goal, or complete abandonment of the project.”

That’s why at Geneia, we invest significant resources in getting our clients fully implemented. It starts with knowing and articulating the client’s goals, business objectives and challenges. For the key stakeholder, we need to know what makes her the hero at their company, what keeps her up at night, what her boss and/or board expects her to deliver as part of the Geneia solution, and much more.

More often than not, our approach to implementation is phased with a focus on immediate needs and early wins with critical populations while shortening time to value. For example, as we wrote about it in our newest white paper, How a Phased Approach to Value-Based Care Works, a state-wide health plan with more than 12,500 physicians in its network was seeking to support value-based care providers. The plan’s most acute value-based care challenge stemmed from providers’ lack of insight into care gaps at the member level, which resulted in an inability to determine the patients and activities to prioritize to improve contact performance. At our urging, the plan chose one of the state’s largest and most influential providers groups to implement first, leading ultimately to greater provider support and adoption.

Theon® Platform for Care Management of COVID-19 Patients

As you may have heard, Geneia created a free, lightweight version of the Theon® Platform for Care Management (Theon® Care Management) to help hospitals, physicians and healthcare organizations better manage the COVID-19 pandemic. The magnitude of COVID-19 strongly suggest the patient populations of hospitals and healthcare systems will grow, potentially exponentially in the coming weeks and months. We know healthcare organizations need easy-to-use and easy-to-implement care coordination tools to triage affected patients, guide the right patients to testing and manage their ongoing care.

Imagine you’re the administrator of a physician practice. The practice is inundated with patient calls. Your physicians, nurses and office staff are stressed. One physician and one nurse are quarantining at home after a possible COVID-19 exposure. The office manager is trying valiantly to work from home while supervising the school work of her first and fourth grader.

You know you need help, something to simplify these patient inquiries easier. You also know it’s in everyone’s interest if these calls are tracked and managed. At the same time, you worry implementing a new solution – even a free one – could add more stress to an already stressful situation.

Learn more

That’s why we created an easy, quick-start implementation process for Theon® Care Management of COVID-19 Patients. The solution is pre-configured, meaning we only need a few answers from the client and few hours to complete implementation. All of the set-up work is done on behalf of the client.

To get started implementing Theon® Care Management of COVID-19 Patients, visit:

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