Topping the technology team leaders’ list of improvements are personalized care, lower costs and collaboration
Faces of Geneia

Faces of Geneia: Meet the technology team leaders

October 20, 2020
Learn why technology team leaders choose to work at Geneia.
Chief Data Scientist

I suspect most Geneia blog readers are familiar with the talented data scientists who work for the Geneia Data Intelligence Lab. If you’re not, here are links to some recent blogs that introduce the data scientists and their work:

I also encourage you to listen to a Geneia podcast I recorded about the lab’s work: Geneia Data Intelligence Lab: Fred Rahmanian

Today, I want to introduce you to some of the leaders of Geneia’s technology team:

Technology team leaders: Bill Hasling, Scott Powell, Krish Pusuluri

I recently asked them about their work, why they choose to work at Geneia, and the healthcare change they would prioritize, and want to share their responses with you.

Scott Powell
Director, Technology Engineering

What is your role at Geneia?

I’m the director of technology engineering, and my team is primarily responsible for ensuring the Theon® Platform and its underlying supporting applications run continuously and securely within our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environments. All our Theon® Platform development is performed within our AWS environments and my team works frequently with multiple teams to leverage more efficient and cost-effective technologies. We are also involved in operational support, security and compliance initiatives, and development support, meaning that we have the opportunity to work with other high-performing teams whom we rely upon as well.

Why do you work at Geneia?

I’m proud to work at Geneia. We have great employees, collaboration across teams, and a united focus to improve healthcare by leveraging the best tools and technologies. I’ve met several people here whom I respect professionally, but also consider personal friends. There is a sincerity to help one another and move forward, and I’ve seen how well multiple teams can come together and support each other to meet a common goal.

If you could wave a magic wand and instantly change just one thing in healthcare, what would it be?

It may come as a surprise to our blog readers, but probably not to many of my fellow Geneia employees, that I’d like to improve collaboration and communication in patient care across different providers, and even within the same provider organization.

Unfortunately, as with too many others, I lost my father last year because his physicians were not looking at his charts well enough to know which medications he should, or should not, be taking. His cardiologist prescribed him a blood thinner that his primary care physician and other doctors specifically prohibited him from taking, as previously he’d had a hemorrhagic stroke attributed to blood thinners. Though his physicians worked in separate locations, they all worked for the same provider organization. Shortly after seeing his cardiologist, my father had another hemorrhagic stroke while in assisted living and ultimately succumbed to it. This also serves as another reason why I work at Geneia: to improve patient care and healthcare technologies.

Krish Pusuluri
Director, Software Engineering and Web Development

What is your role at Geneia?

I lead the software engineering team at Geneia. As I often say, “If you have a technical challenge, we have a solution.” We give shape to ideas, building solutions that use advanced engineering concepts and tools to provide a seamless experience to users.

Why do you work at Geneia?

I am passionate about healthcare, every aspect of it that impacts a patient – from regulations to health plans to providers to outcomes. I am enthused about working at Geneia because of:

  • The brilliant minds who strive every day to improve outcomes for patients with a combination of best-in-class solutions, technology and care team professionals;
  • Our 360-degree approach; and
  • Our unparalleled ability to parse through volumes of data to create meaningful, actionable visual interpretations.

If you could wave a magic wand and instantly change just one thing in healthcare, what would it be?

Reduce costs so everyone can have access to the best healthcare options.

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