Heather Lavoie and Lori Logan are uniquely suited to helping healthcare evolve to value-based care
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Geneia Conversations: Get to know Heather and Lori

October 14, 2020
Learn more about two of the women who lead Geneia.
Vice President, Marketing

Today, we’re releasing two new podcasts: Get to Know Geneia CEO Heather Lavoie and Geneia’s Lori Logan: Value-Based Care & COVID-19. Both episodes feature a lightning round of ‘get to know you’ questions, and the opportunity to learn more about two of the women who lead Geneia.

Heather and Lori have some things in common.

  • Both were born in New England.
  • Spending time outdoors is important to them.
  • Heather and Lori are working mothers who are enjoying the opportunity to travel less and be home more during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • They’ve both worked in healthcare for their entire careers, and still enjoy the challenges and complexity of healthcare.
  • Each has worked for provider organizations, health plans and health technology companies.
  • Because of their long tenure in the industry and the diversity of their experiences, they are uniquely suited to helping healthcare companies and their people evolve to value-based care.

I’ve worked with our president and CEO Heather Lavoie for five years, and still some of the things she shared were new to me. Of course, I know she’s passionate about fixing physician burnout and interoperability. But I was surprised to learn about the advice she would give her 20-something self and her biggest career mistake.

COVID-19 and Value-Based Care

As Geneia blog readers likely know, Lori Logan joined Geneia as our chief client and product officer a year ago. Above all else, she’s committed to client success. As she often says, “ Client success is why we do what we do. That’s Geneia’s reason for being.” In today’s podcast, she answers the question, What does client success mean to you?

In the podcast, she also discusses value-based care. She shares why she believes that the tools, data and analytics needed for value-based care are the same ones that are foundational to good healthcare. She answers questions about value-based care, including:

  • Why are a growing number of industry experts saying COVID-19 will mean more value-based care and capitation?
  • Do you have any advice for healthcare organizations transitioning to value-based care during the pandemic?
  • Payer-provider collaboration is critical to successful value-based contracts. As one who’s worked for payers and providers, can you share some best practices?

Listen now.

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