Geneia’s Lori Logan shares how health plans use a phased approach to value-based care.
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Geneia Conversations: Value-Based Care Phased Approach

April 14, 2021
Lori Logan talks building provider engagement in a new Geneia podcast.
Vice President, Marketing

Change is hard.

It is cliché to say, but also true. Change can be messy, stressful and frequently involves setbacks or, at the very least, a non-linear path to success.

Think about all the New Year’s resolutions that go by the wayside long before Valentine’s Day. Or the number of diabetics or hypertensives who very much want to embrace recommended lifestyle changes. Or the many of us who have started (and abandoned) a weight-loss program.

Now, imagine you are a physician. You’ve been practicing fee-for-service medicine for a decade or two. You are in a routine, comfortable with your practice and your patients.

Enter value-based care.

Now payers want you pay you to practice medicine in a different and unfamiliar way, one in which you are responsible for the health and well-being of 2,000 – 3,000 patients and are paid or not paid based on whether you meet (or don’t meet) a set of predefined quality performance metrics. And payers want you make the transition ASAP.

Despite the fact that the essence of these challenges pre-date value-based care, that kind of change can be exceedingly difficult.

In the newest episode of Geneia Conversations: Redefining Healthcare, Lori Logan, Geneia’s chief product and client officer, discusses how health plans are building provider buy-in and engagement by using a phased approach to value-based care.

As you may know, Lori has spent much of her career working with providers. More than most, she intimately understands the strength of the health plan – physician relationship heavily influences whether providers are successful in value-based care arrangements. Like any relationship, trust, communication, collaboration and support are critical, and take time and commitment to build.

That’s why savvy health plans are increasingly choosing a phased approach to value-based care, one that gives the plan and the provider the time and opportunity to create a successful relationship. In Lori’s experience, that’s the most effective way to create payer – provider collaboration.

To learn more about how to put a phased approach into practice, listen now.