Payer roots, analyst accolades and client success are why health plans choose Geneia
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Three reasons health plans choose Geneia

February 23, 2021
Payer roots, analyst accolades and client success are why health plans choose Geneia
Vice President, Sales

Truth be told, I’m thrilled I was finally asked to write a Geneia blog. After all, I’ve been leading sales for Geneia for two years, and during those years, I’ve come to understand why health plans choose Geneia.

First, allow me to share why I choose to work at Geneia. My interactions with the healthcare system over the past decade have taught me about the power of technology to improve healthcare for organizations and their patients, and more importantly, the need to integrate and align various parts of the healthcare system to coordinate care and simplify the all-too-complex experience for patients and their families. I’m one of the many at Geneia who know the healthcare system can do better and want to do my part to help healthcare realize its potential.

Enough about me. My job today is to share with you the three best reasons health plans choose Geneia.

#1. Geneia’s Payer Roots

Geneia was born out a health plan’s inability to find a population health and analytics solution to help its value-based care physicians and providers succeed in risk-based contracts. Our parent company embraced value-based care contracts shortly after the Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010, and Geneia was created two years later. Ever since, Geneia has been helping the health plan and its value-based partners achieve the Triple Aim.

As the result of our nine years of working with health plans, we not only understand their challenges and opportunities, we’ve helped payers successfully navigate them. For example, we intimately know how hard it can be to engage providers in risk contracts, understanding the tools and techniques payers need to build and nurture trusted, mutually beneficial relationships. That’s why health plans are choosing Geneia’s phased approach to value-based care.

For more insight into payer-provider collaborative relationships, read my colleague’s blog: 9 best practices for value-based care success.

#2. Geneia’s Industry Analyst Accolades

In 2020, KLAS and Gartner recognized Geneia’s solutions.

Quote from a client that appeared in a KLAS interview

Geneia “earned the distinction of an early high score and rating from KLAS in their value-based care managed services segment.” Quotes like the following from a KLAS interview with one of Geneia’s clients are particularly illuminating:

“Geneia absolutely helped us transition to providing value-based care. The transition was a large shift in our whole thought process, and Geneia helped us navigate that. They helped us see the value in the change. That was what Geneia really understood.” CIO, December 2019

Internationally-recognized analyst firm Gartner cited Geneia in four payer, provider and health system publications in 2020, including the Hype Cycle for U.S. Healthcare Payers, 2020. As Geneia President and CEO Heather Lavoie recently,

“We believe these citations in 2020 across payer and provider research show market recognition and momentum, with Geneia offering the value-based, performance management and engagement functionality that customers desire. Further, we feel this recognition by Gartner validates, for clients and prospects, our current offerings as well as our planned direction. Geneia is outcomes-focused and healthcare organizations using our analytics get results.”

#3. Geneia Client Success

At Geneia, we are wholeheartedly committed to the success of our clients. As Geneia chief product and client officer Lori Logan has articulated, “Client success is why we do what we do. That’s Geneia’s reason for being.”

As but one example, I encourage you to read the case study about Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. (Horizon), New Jersey’s oldest and largest health insurer, Simplifying value-based care with the Theon® Platform. In short, the Theon® platform is helping Horizon “to better identify and categorize its member population, …insights that are used in Horizon’s value-based programs and partnerships to deliver a coordinated and personalized member experience.”

To learn more about Geneia’s client success commitment, download the Horizon case study now.