Geneia’s transformation consulting team helps clients reach their cost and quality goals.
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Meet the Geneia Transformation Consulting Team

July 28, 2021
Delivering client success in care management, member engagement and provider network management.
Chief Product and Client Officer

Job number one for Geneia’s transformation consulting team is to ensure our health plan, hospital and provider clients maximize their results and achieve their business goals. The evolution to value-based care increases the importance of demonstrable and repeatable performance improvement.

Geneia Client Results: Improved Satisfaction, Utilization, Cost and Quality Outcomes

A health plan using Geneia’s next-generation identification, stratification and analytics combined advanced member engagement by its own case management team and realized an estimated cost savings of more than $7,500 per member. For every $1 in administrative cost spent on the case management program, the health plan saved more than $3 in healthcare costs.

Patients value care coordination; 68 percent say it’s a vital part of healthcare. High member satisfaction – which not only drives engagement but also retention – comes from better coordinated care. A 2017 J.D. Powers survey showed care coordination was the most important factor influencing member satisfaction. Over two years, Geneia results showed referrals increased 285 percent, open cases rose 71 percent and overall member engagement increased 289 percent.

Our results: $7500 saved per identified member per year, $3 saved per $1 invested in case management, 289% increase in member engagement

We’ve also helped clients to achieve:

  • 2 percent claims expense reduction,
  • 8+ percent decrease in hospital readmissions and emergency department visits, and
  • Statistically significant improvement in 19 of 25 key HEDIS® measures.

How Geneia drives client success

Delivering strong results starts with a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs. In other words, what is the problem or pain point to be solved using Geneia analytics and which key performance indicators (KPIs) and success measures will we track throughout the client engagement.

Next, the transformation consulting team performs client training, with a laser-focus on promoting user adoption and engagement. Throughout the engagement, our team works closely with the health plan, hospital or physician practices to help them optimize the Geneia solution, delivering best practice recommendations and executing strategies that increase the time-to-value and return on investment.

Broadly speaking, we use a framework that combines a strong change management methodology with targeted activities and a consistent data effort:

Consulting team approach: alignment, engagement, design, education, optimization

Meet Geneia’s Transformation Consulting Team

I am privileged to work with three talented and committed women who together bring decades of population health and clinical expertise.

Meet the consulting team: Natalie Benner, Mackenzie DeBoer, Meredith Williams

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