Geneia’s Fred Rahmanian shares his experience as a COVID-19 double lung transplantee.
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Geneia Conversations: A COVID-19 Double Lung Transplant Recipient

June 2, 2021
Chief data scientist Fred Rahmanian discusses his patient journey.
Vice President, Marketing

ICYMI, Geneia’s chief data scientist Fred Rahmanian was the first COVID-19 patient in Pennsylvania to receive a double lung transplant. He’s now back at work and sharing his patient experience.

As CBS Philly reported, “It’s an incredible story of medical intervention and survival.”

In Fred’s words, “Penn Medicine essentially granted me a miracle by choosing to do the first COVID-19 lung transplant in Pennsylvania for me. But the first miracle is my wife. Without her, I probably wouldn’t have made it.”

In a new episode of the Geneia podcast, Fred discusses the decision to become the first double lung transplantee in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

"’You have two choices. You can pull the plug and it's over or we can try a transplant. There's no guarantee, but it may work and be good for many, many years.’ All indications are it was a good decision.”

His candor is remarkable as is his gratitude for the physicians and nurses who cared for him.

“When you're in the health system for so long, empathy from nurses and doctors becomes much more important. There was a time that I couldn't talk because I had a trache. Each day, a nurse would take an hour – which is a very long time in the ICU – to help me FaceTime with my family. I would write and the nurse would speak my words to my family.”

He also has some frank advice for patients,

“You are always in control of your health. If you're uncomfortable with something or don’t want something done, tell them [your doctor and care team]. You can ask questions. You can actually question their decisions.”

Lastly, Fred also shares his thoughts about the role of artificial intelligence in our post-pandemic future.

From my perspective, the future is very bright for Fred and for healthcare AI.

I encourage you to listen now to Geneia Conversations: A COVID-19 Double Lung Transplant Recipient. In part one of the podcast, Fred talks about his transplant experience and how he feels to be a patient after spending much of his career in healthcare. In part two, he discusses the patient experience and AI.