Geneia podcast guest Dave Duplay discusses clinician burnout and the resiliency training.
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Geneia Conversations: Clinician Burnout and Resiliency

June 9, 2021
Resiliency training is a powerful tool to fight burnout.
President and CEO

Dave Duplay, chairman and CEO of Vital Options International, recently joined the Geneia podcast to discuss epidemic levels of clinician burnout and a solution – Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training and ongoing support through a digital health platform.

Earlier this year, Vital Options, in partnership with VitalHearts, surveyed more than 700 clinicians to identify secondary traumatic stress reactions, such as increased anxiety, diminished concentration, isolation from family and friends, increased anger and depression. The study revealed that the average number of stress reactions of participating physicians and nurses was 21 out of a possible 33.

Other topline study findings include:

  • 78 percent agree these stress reactions compromise their professional effectiveness in patient care.
  • 73 percent said yes when asked if they have ever considered leaving patient care due to these stress reactions.
  • 87 percent believe the number of stress reactions will increase in the next two years.
  • 73 percent of study participants feel that workplace discrimination around age, race, gender and sexual orientation contributed to the stress reactions they were currently feeling.

Chances are you are familiar with high levels of clinician burnout and suicide if you’re a regular Geneia blog reader. After all, Geneia has focused on physician burnout since our first physician survey in early 2015. Staggeringly high levels of physician burnout surprised us and inspired us to create the Physician Misery Index and the Joy of Medicine Challenge, which took place later that same year.

Fixing physician burnout: Gratitude isn’t enough

Last fall, I wrote a blog heralding the heroic efforts of physicians to care for patients during the pandemic. I thanked physicians for all they have given–and will continue to give–to their patients, and went on to write,

“Allow me to also say that as important as gratitude is, it’s not enough.

Once and for all, we must commit to fixing physician burnout. It’s high time we worked just as tirelessly to restore the joy of medicine to the practicing physicians we all rely on to treat us and our loved ones.”

Vital Options International, in collaboration with VitalHearts, has answered the call to arms. They recently announced a “strategic partnership to provide secondary trauma resiliency training and ongoing support through digital health solutions to healthcare professionals around the world.”

To learn more about this important initiative, listen now to Geneia Conversations: Clinician Burnout and Resiliency. For a copy of the study of healthcare professionals and secondary trauma stress reactions, email