Podcast series featuring perspectives on analytics and technology innovations reshaping healthcare.
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A passion to redefine healthcare

March 30, 2021
Insights on analytics and technology innovations reshaping healthcare.
President and CEO

Do you have a passion – something you’re so obsessed with that it defines you?

We do. At Geneia, we’re passionate about redefining healthcare. It’s in our DNA. Nothing inspires us more than the analytics and technology innovations making a difference for so many.

A few months ago, I shared the launch of our inaugural podcast: Geneia Conversations: Redefining Healthcare.

The podcast explores what’s happening now and expectations for what’s to come to improve healthcare for health plans, hospitals, physicians and patients.

There’s so much to talk about in this space. Through our podcast, we relish spirited conversations with industry experts framing the future of healthcare.

Since its August 2020 debut, we’ve covered many pressing healthcare issues of the day. With guests who are pioneers and thought leaders in the industry, we tackled important and sometimes difficult topics, including substance abuse, interoperability, personalized digital consumer experiences and telemedicine.

Our bite-sized chats cover a lot of territory. Here are a few of my favorites:

Geneia conversations featured episodes

What’s not wrong with healthcare?

This is a favorite podcast question.

While our guests universally agree there are many opportunities for improving healthcare, each guest has a unique perspective about what is working and how we can build upon it. You’ll just love their responses!

Explore the Geneia Conversations podcasts on our website to hear more.