Geneia podcast guest Eleanor Health’s Corbin Petro discusses value-based addiction treatment.
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Geneia Conversations: Eleanor Health’s Corbin Petro

March 3, 2021
“Fee-for-service substance misuse treatment incentivizes relapse over recovery.”
President and CEO

In the words of a recent guest on Geneia Conversations: Redefining Healthcare, Corbin Petro, CEO and co-founder of Eleanor Health,

“We incentivize a lot of the wrong things [in healthcare]. That’s all too true [for people affected by substance use disorder] where the payment system on a fee-for-service basis incentivizes relapse over recovery.”

If you don’t already know Corbin, I highly encourage you to listen to the Geneia podcast with her. She’s a smart, seasoned, healthcare entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience. She’s mission-driven, analytically-oriented and direct. Her passions are designing unique payment models, changing how we deliver care and tying it all together with data and analytics.

Her current venture, Eleanor Health, uses a new approach for people affected by substance use disorder, leveraging risk stratification to manage populations and emphasizing a whole person approach focused on outcomes like life satisfaction and employment. Unlike other organizations treating substance abuse and addiction, Eleanor Health is comfortable with value-based payment models. As she wrote in a company blog, How Value-Based Care Can Improve Mental Health & Addiction Treatment,

“Value-based programs are personalized and recognize that addiction is a relapsing condition just like other chronic conditions…. Value-based care demands addiction treatment providers demonstrate measurable outcomes aligned with the quadruple aim.”

To enter new markets, Eleanor Health typically partners with a health plan like Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. The company also operates in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington State, Ohio and Louisiana, and plans to open 20 new clinics this year. As you might expect, Corbin is raising Eleanor’s Series B in 2021.

To learn more about Corbin and Eleanor Health, listen now.