Geneia podcast guest Dr. Robert Groves discusses how to accelerate value-based care
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Geneia Conversations: From house calls to value-based care

October 20, 2021
Geneia podcast guest Robert Groves, MD, discusses value-based care.
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The newest episode of the Geneia podcast features Robert Groves, MD.

He’s the executive vice president and chief medical officer of Banner|Aetna, a health insurance collaboration that’s improving costs and the member experience. In this role, Dr. Groves is responsible for physician leadership in population health management and for delivering on clinical performance and utilization management in the volume-to-value transition. He’s been on the frontlines of value-based care for more than a decade.

Dr. Groves’ father was a primary care physician. He’s the reason Dr. Groves chose to become a doctor. As a child, Dr. Groves accompanied his father on house calls, and he was able to observe the impact his father had on his patients. As he shared on the podcast, “…The relationships he had with his patients were something I really envied. They believed he cared about them, and he did. He was able to impact people’s lives when they’re the most vulnerable.”

Whether it’s because of or in spite of his father’s tenure as a community doctor, Dr. Groves has become an advocate of value-based care. ”Balanced with quality measures, capitation and a budget, the smart population of physicians will figure out how to best take care of patients.”

Dr. Groves goes on to discuss why the evolution to value-based care has happened slower than expected and how to accelerate the transition.

In his words, ”Transitioning from fee-for-service to value-base care is like trying to row upstream with a foot in two canoes.”

To hear more from Dr. Groves, listen now to Geneia Conversations: From house calls to value-based care.