Contributors | Geneia


Mark Caron Mark Caron, CHCIO, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer
Heather Staples Lavoie Heather Staples Lavoie
President & Chief Executive Officer
Lori Logan Lori Logan
Chief Product and Client Officer
Fred Rahmanian Fred Rahmanian
Chief Analytics and Technology Officer
Shelley Riser Shelley Riser
Vice President, Consulting Services and Clinical Innovations
Adrienne Rupp Adrienne Rupp
Vice President, Marketing
Natalie Benner Natalie Benner
Director, Clinically Integrated Programs
Kelly Brennan Kelly Brennan
Director, Health Education and Consulting
Ronda Rogers Ronda Rogers
Director, Population Health and Consumer Engagement
John Weis John Weis
Head of Product Management
Kristy Tupper Kristy Tupper
Director, Business Services
Tom Murray Tom Murray
Director, Implementation and Consulting Services
Molly Gallaher-Boddy Molly Gallaher Boddy
Strategy Planning Manager
Andrew Fairless Andrew Fairless
Principal Data Scientist
Jasmine McCammon Jasmine McCammon
Principal Data Scientist