Harrisburg, PA


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area offers green rolling hills, a rich arts scene, family-focused culture, and much more.

Pennsylvania residents enjoy high income potential and moderate cost of living, a variety of historical and recreational attractions, and a wide range of settings from country to city and everything in-between.

Hunting and fishing are a big thing, and family time is the center of life for most residents. And our sports fans? To say they’re committed would be an understatement, whether to the Philly teams or the Pittsburgh teams.

Not far from Harrisburg is Hershey, PA, where the making of chocolate has expanded into an entire town of arts, entertainment, delicious food, and luxurious experiences. Also not far away are Gettysburg and Philadelphia, where the history of our country comes to life, from the Constitution to the Civil War. It all happened here.

In contrast to all this excitement, Pennsylvania is home to a large Amish population, a culture of simplicity, self-sufficiency, delicious food, and quality craftsmanship. And they bring their goods to market for all to enjoy.

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